As far as he could see, there is nothing but white.

The floor is white, the walls are white, the ceiling is white, the chandelier hanging from the ceiling is white, the windows are white, and the clothes he and the people around him wore were white. The whole world was made of nothing but an eerie white with no other colors to add life to the lives of the people living in that secluded white world.

However, amidst that white, was a single existence that was fraught with vibrant colors of life. Her sole existence brought in sight a myriad of colors that he didn even know existed. Her smile, her little soft hands, and the warmth that permeated his skin and body whenever he held her hands. Her smile marked the advent of spring in the chilly environment of the winter. A smile that soothed your soul.

Whenever he was around her, whenever he talked to her, whenever he held her hands and hugged her body, whenever he saw her smile, his heart would pound, threatening to leap out of his chest.

In that mundane and monochromatic world, her existence was what made him live through every day of gruesome pain. In other words – in simple terms – he was in love with that girl.

However, that was as far as he could remember.

He remembers what his feelings towards her were and her smile, but he couldn recall the face of the person that mattered to him the most in the world. Even when he searched in his memories, all he found were blurry figures of the past that were tainted by a dark, red liquid. That brought excruciating pain to him. It felt as if someone had taken his heart out and dipped it into a lake filled with poisonous acid.

But even the pain didn make sense to him. Why was he subjected to such pain? He wondered at times. Then the answer would come to him. That is because he is forgetting something. Something important and someone precious. The pain was his punishment for forgetting them.

So, while enduring the pain, he will continue his journey, to find the cause of the emptiness that he is filled with.

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