I guess its time to make my first weapon in this world!

What weapon should i make though?

A ancient weapon or modern weapon?

Hmmm geez its soo tiresome to think of a weapon to create!!

What should i make!!?

For close range lets see….. I can make sword,axe, scythe hmmm wait scythe will look cool in my hands! But is it better then sword?

Hmmm what should i do??

I was really bad at selecting things in my previous life to….

”Well, lets do this ”

I broke a stick from a tree…

”If this stick falls to left then i will make scythe or if it falls to right then i will make a sword! ”

The stick fall to right….

”Then sword it is! ”

I started to make a normal sword.

I made a cool looking sword in just 1 hour, after creating the sword i started to pour my energy in it.

│ Swordsmith level 1 acquired │

│ Creation leveled up to level 2 │

│ Enchanter level 1 acquired │

│ Enhanced sword level 1 acquired │

│ Intelligent helper leveled up to level 2 │

Now the only thing left to do is find runes for my sword and it will be completed!!

Well, i won just find runes out of nowhere, for now lets explore this jungle more.

I was eating burger while exploring the jungle.

Then suddenly i saw group of goblin going somewhere.

I started to follow them from tree shadows.

That group had 6 normal goblins with dagger in thier hands and it seems they were protecting a Goblin which was wearing black coat and had a staff in his hand.

And it also seems that staff was enhanced with a rune which was placed on top of it.

”Well well, it seems i got pretty lucky this time! ”

I used dash and killed 3 goblins with just a single mega punch which made quite a big shockwave breaking some trees around us.

The rest of the goblins got startled and pounced at me together with thier dagger pointing towards me and the mage goblin was reciting some words too.

I immediately used dash and dodged the goblins and punched them all together resulting in destruction of mass tree infront of me.

The mage finally stopped and aimed its staff towards me and suddenly red circles started to form infront of the mage goblin surrounding me and goblin in it and suddenly massive amount of fire balls started to come out of it.

I used dash to dodge them but still i got hurt from some of its attack.

│ Fire resistance leveled up to level 2 │

I use dash with full power and reached behind the mage who was startled by my speed.

I was still burning on that moment but i still aimed my punch towards it with my hands wrapped in flames.

I punched it and the mage goblin got blown quite far away breaking every tree infront of me.

After the fire vanished i followed the way i punched the mage goblin away.

│ Fire punch level 1 acquired │

The goblin was dead and i picked up the staff and its coat and stored its body in inventory.

I plucked out the rune placed on top of the staff and took out my sword and placed them together.

When the sword and rune were on contact, the sword started to glow and the rune got absorbed in it.

│ elemental sword level 1 acquired │

What? I thought it was supposed to be just a fire sword? Instead i got every elemental sword!!




Am i really that lucky? Hehe

Well to celebrate it i started to eat more burgers!!

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