Hello, my name is SPARX!

You asking what am i doing right now and sitting on bed? Well, i was bored and i was thinking of something to do.

I was not much good looking,slender body, medium hight and weight, i was more like a common salary man who works in his job and completes his desires with the salary he gets but honestly i didn had any desire to begin with.

I liked nothing in particular and lived in a 10 floor public flat which i had to pay it with half of my salary.

I live alone since my father and mom left me after they divorced.

Luckily i was a software developer and was able to buy my daily needs with the money i get from the salary.

One day when i was returning from work, a voice came from behind

”Today work was soo hard right? The software had so many bugs in it and while fixing it, its already evening. ”

I looked backwards and saw a chubby guy with chubby face who was wearing formal office uniform same as me. Well he was one of my freind in the so called Software builders organization where I work. The workers help each other in various type of bugs and glitches, we sometimes get demand to fix software of apps or games.

”Yeah it really was hard since there were many glitches that were allowing the users to use cheats in player battlegrounds. I have to order food for night on mech ronalds on the way so i am going to separate way. ”

The chubby guy smiled and nodded

”Well, its pretty bad for you man, you should really find a girlfriend sooner or later. Well i am heading toward my apartment and ya don forget to play the new game **MORPG, its really a good game and you will really like it. ”

Somehow what he said made me feel awkward because i am never going to get a girlfriend in my life. Well he told me about a game which i have heard already 100 times over.

Well, i am not much a gamer type but since he has told me to play it so i am not going to just decline it and make him sad.

Well that comes later, i walked a little and reached a nearby shop of mech ronalds and bought burger and coke.

And while i was at it, i entered a game store which sells various type of games.

I entered the shop and bought the game chip which i was suggested by the store seller to put it inside the VR headgear chip slot to play the game.

When i reached my apartment and entered my room, first of all i undressed myself and went to bathe for refreshment.

After 5 minutes i was eating the burger and was reading the guide and information paper given along with the game chip package.

**MORPG GAME is also known as Survival Multiplayer Mass Online Role Playing Game.

In Asia, there are varities of VR games, VR is a setup which consists of a electronic headgear and electronic gloves with many kind of colors for users to choose.

**MORPG was one of the best selling game in the world of VR, many people would get hyped whenever they hear someone if he is new in VR world and they immediately suggest him/her **MORPG to try.

**MORPG boasted alot about its features in its ads like :-

Various characters

Custom characters






Custom magics


Custom weapons

And many more…..

Well i knew most of the things about an rpg game since i have already tested some while i was fixing bugs of rpg games.

After eating i drank the coke at last and gone to wash my hands.

After returning i wore my headgear and gloves and puted the chip in the slot given besides the headgear.

Suddenly a white light started to spread infront of me and a bubble popped out which said


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