Allen had gathered every piece of evidence of their crimes and turned them over to the authorities.

And while he was at it, he had left countless curses on them.
Surely they would all be in prison by now, suffering from chronic manic insomnia, headaches, and constipation together.

Just by thinking about it, Allen felt that his meals tasted so much better.

In addition, the government offered a large amount of bounty money for this case.

Apparently, his old companions had been up to no good here and there.
Thanks to them, he was able to buy this mansion with that cash and retire comfortably.

His distrust of people had intensified in exchange for his revenge.

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However, Allen decided to keep this a secret from Charlotte for the time being.
She was deeply touched to learn that Allen had experienced the same kind of betrayal.

Even so, Charlotte adamantly shook her head.

I would only bring trouble to Allen! I appreciate the sentiment but…
I can't accept such an offer!”

“Is that so…
it can't be helped then.”

What a fairly stubborn girl!

If that's the case–

“In that case, I'll have to use my last resort.”

Allen snapped his fingers.

Shortly after that, a glowing red crest appeared on his clothes around his chest.
It was a sign of a curse, which was Allen's specialty.

He gave Charlotte whose head was tilted, a fearless and meaningful grin.

“Just now, I had cast a curse of death on…

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Charlotte stared back with a confused face.

Then, Allen pointed a firm index finger towards her as he crouched vigorously.

“Unless you say 'I will work here' I will not lift this curse! In other words…
three minutes from now, my heart will stop working!”


“Come on.
Hurry up with your decision! Else, an innocent civilian is going to lose his life because of you!”

“Why would you do that! The manner in which you speak came across as a bad person but…
it seems you're a nice person for trying to help me!?”

Of course, I am the embodiment of virtue! So what are you going to do, Charlotte? You have two minutes and thirty-one seconds left! And if I may add, it's already getting harder to breathe!”

“Please don't take your life so lightly!”

And that was how Charlotte, with a pale crying face, agreed to live in this mansion in less than a minute.


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