Another year has passed.

Today, Im officially 14. Its the marriageable age in this world, so Im basically an adult. And thats a lot of bad news. It means that Im also getting kicked out of the house today… so Im officially homeless too!

My siblings said their final goodbyes to me, and I went off to school.

”Huff… ” I sighed while approaching the front gate of the Academy.

”Why the long face, Jin? ” She gazed down at me, clipping her bangs to the side with her fingers.

Shes already two inches taller than me; I hope she doesn outgrow me anymore… Im 56.

”Its nothing much… I just stubbed my toe. ”

That was the greatest excuse I could think up on the spot.

She took a quick glance at my toes. They were exposed through my wooden sandals.

”I see… Well then, lets get going. ”

She walked ahead through the gate and I followed behind her.

Im glad to have Scylica as a friend. Shes such a sweet young lady… So charming too. Have she always looked this good before? Just a year ago, she was a petite little girl with an odd fashion sense. How time flies…

Its embarrassing but I couldn resist oggling her. I decided to inspect her from behind.

Her silky black hair, extending down to her waist, waved along with the cold breeze, and her skimpy, nearly-see-through, white shirt ended right above her fat butt cheeks, making her buttocks even more enticing. Her thick brown shorts couldn mask how developed her peach was.

I couldn help but admire her hour-glass figure as she had matured right before my very eyes. I would love to grapple her someday…

However, when we entered, everyone was gathered outside instead of going directly to their training facilities.

A knight stood above the crowd on a wooden stand.

”Students, I have an important announcement to make to you all. Today will be your last day of training and tomorrow will be your final exam, so there is no restrictions on what you want to do today so as long as you are prepared. Good luck. ”

Huh… That was sudden.

I guess Ill sort through my ideas and practice the most powerful spells I know.

I left the crowd and went off into a secluded area that only a few people knew of. Of course, Scylica followed me there too. She just can seem to leave me alone as of lately. I don mind though; shes always helpful.

From what I know I can do, I can use intermediate fire magic, and beginners lightning magic, one of the hardest elemental magic to master. Im able to roast any creature and instantly burst them into flames, so I want to train my lightning magic. The best I can do with lightning magic right now is shocking people with my index finger… Im so proud of myself.

Scylica just sat and watched me the whole time. Its kind of… creepy? Maybe shes just worried about me.

I squat and super charged my finger with mana. As soon as I had enough mana gathered, I swirled the mana around the tip of my finger at an extreme speed: causing sparks of lightning to occur. My whole body began to sweat profusely as I try to hold that state. I repeated this process over a dozen times without stopping.

After about two hours, she had suddenly disappeared. She probably got bored of watching my repetitive training. Who would enjoy watching a boy squat and play with his hands anyways?

School was over in four hours. I almost forgot about my biggest problems. Im homeless and I also want to date Scylica! If I wait any longer then Ill miss my chance!

So, after-school, I decided to ask all my friends if I could stay at their place.

Their responses were…

The blond and handsome one said, ”Sorry, I can barely feed myself. ”

The skinny and dark-haired one said, ”I live in a dumpster bro… Theres only room for one. ”

The average and silver-haired one said, ”We don have enough money to feed another mouth, sorry… ”

Fuck… My only bros are too **ing poor!

I guess Ill have to ask Scylica for a place to stay too. Itll be awkward but Ill get to be with her every day… I can feel my heart fluttering…

”Hey! Scylica! ” I ran towards her at the gate in a rush, yelling at the top of my lungs.

She turned around and tilted her head slightly; her black bangs waved along.

I stopped in front of her, catching my breath.

”Why the rush? Im always waiting for you. ” She crouched to match my height.

”Will you be my girlfriend…? And lend me a place to stay? ”

”Is this a marriage proposal? ” The corners of her lips nearly broke into a sinister grin.

”Kind of…? ”

”Okay then, Ill be your wife. Just follow me home. ”

Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought… We
e even married! This means that I can… I can have intercourse with her! I am in bliss…!

She held my hand and lead me down a familiar trail.

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