light, he merely saw his new little owner rubbing his chin and hesitating, but at the next moment he bent his brows and eyes in high spirits, and said very happily, “——Mmm, address me as Master!” 


Mo Ren kowtowed three times calmly then replied, “Yes, Master.”


From then on, once he recognized him as Master, he devoted his life to be loyal to him.


However, how short his life was, and it was suddenly over.
Only in the heart that could no longer beat, the last bit of red blood that still tried to keep the heat of that yearning and obsession towards Chu Yan.


…In the last days of the previous life, some people even hated him for failing to live up to what was expected of him, and scolded him for sticking to a fatuous master this far.


He then said that he was a sword that recognized the Master, given a name by the Master, and was forged by the Master himself, therefore he would rather break than change his original intention.
If the Master discarded the sword, then he would simply accept his fate, how could there be any reason to betray the Master?


However, that's only half the truth.


He was willing to devote all his heart and soul to be loyal to Chu Yan, not just simply kneeling and swearing an oath to the Master and certainly not because he was conferred a name.


It was more because, in the days before that handsome young man named Bai Hua appeared, Chu Yan had appreciated him so much, got close to him, and cherished him.


Mo Ren almost forgot the trust the Master had given to him.
When he was the only bodyguard of the Palace Master, the position one step behind him belonged only to him.


That unique, closest location to the Master.
That position that he would never be able to stand on again…


In the back of Jiuzhong Palace was Tianlan Mountain.
In spring, pear blossoms would bloom at the foot of the mountain, as vast as snow.
Once, Chu Yan pulled him for a spar, and was delighted with their fight, he held his wrist affectionately and then smiled softly, “Look, this Master really picked up a treasure back then.”


He would also stare at his movements of making tea, and ask on a whim, “Ah Ren, you are such a good martial artist, yet you are surrounded by orphans every day and do work to serve them.
Did you not feel wronged?”


Before he could hastily deny it, he shook his head and sighed, “Fortunately, this Master still likes you, even if others are not used to it.
How can this Master be willing to let you go…..this Master recognizes you and treats you as a treasure.”


The Master still likes him.


The Master is used to him and is unwilling to part with him.


Those years of knowing each other.


How can I not think about it, how can I not..…


He is willing to die for the Master that cherished and cultivated him.


He is willing.


It's just a pity that in the end, he couldn't say that sentence again…


The sleeping person's breathing became slightly disordered.


His pale lips moved weakly.




Chu Yan, who was only lightly sleeping, trembled and woke up with a start.


“—Ah Ren!?”

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