She didn’t know if the saliva worked as he said, though it didn’t hurt.

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Rather, she was delighted by the slight pain she felt every time she used his tongue.
Holly, feeling the sensation of the delicate flesh sweeping inside, frowned.
She could feel the itch on the inside that his tongue couldn’t reach.

There was a regret that she wanted something harder and bigger to come in and scrape it off.

‘A little more than this…’

As his cold hands rubbed the insides of her thighs, the inner walls narrowed and tightened on his tongues.

“It doesn’t hurt now?”

Cahill asked, pulling his face from under her skirt.
There was a hint of expectation mixed in his voice.
Just meeting the eyes gleaming with heat gave her goosebumps.

“Can I do it now?”

She couldn’t take her eyes off Cahill’s exceptionally moist lips.
He could tell what wetted his red lips.


At his urging question, the inside of her stomach ached.
The empty hole was begging to be filled quickly, and Holly finally nodded his head.

“Then, get down.”

Cahill came out of her skirt and patted her on the waist.
As instructed, she bowed her back, and naturally, her buttocks protruded.
Holly pulled the hem of her skirt that covered her hips back above her waist.

The cool air hit her hips.

‘I don’t know who might come…’

Holly rolled her eyes, shaking anxiously.
But, she didn’t cover her exposed rear or push the clinging Cahill away.

“I’ll warm you up.”

With her permission, he was excited and lowered his pants.
Cahill didn’t seem to mind that this was a forest that anyone could come to.
Then, he placed his hands around her waist to keep her skirt from drooping further.

Moving closer to Holly, he dragged the pants hanging from his ankles and pressed the tip of his pillar into her wet hole.
Pushing force, his member went all the way to the end.
It had been open all night, and it was thanks to the gentle suckling until a while ago.

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“It’s wet, slippery…hot.”


With a heavy breath, the rigid pillar pushed through the red flesh inside.
Holly let out a satisfied groan as the swelled flesh tightly filled the empty hole.

His manhood slowly rubbed the inner wall.

“Haa, it seems to be hotter than yesterday.”

He slowly inserted and pulled himself out, savoring it.
The inner wall widened and narrowed, stimulating the sensitive pole.

“Huuh… Good.”

The pleasure-soaked voice shook the inner walls.
The protruding glans scraped past the part she felt most.
Her thighs trembled at pleasure.


Nonetheless, something was missing.
Holly bit her dry lips with heat.
Then, the blunt genitals pounded and went out.
As if it had made a mistake, the movements became shallow again.
She now knew what she wanted.

“Ah! Harder… Huh!”

“Harder? Do you like harder ones?”

Cahill grabbed her by the waist and shoved himself hard as she wished.
The man, tired of the unsatisfactory movement, swelled up inside.


The strength in her lower body was lost at the sudden strong stimulation.
Still, she did not fall because of the firm hands that supported her body.

“Like this?”

The next moment, he asked with a twinkle in his eyes, as if he had done well.

Holly nodded her head frantically, feeling the warmth of his eyes.
And, Cahill ran like an unbridled foal.
In the low mountain leading from Centria to Lauriue, animals, hunters, and the occasional passer-by were all there, and there was a harsh breathing sound like that of a beast.

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Every time the chubby butt and groin hit hard, stagnant water splashed into the air.

Holly shook her head and exclaimed in a high voice.
She hadn’t even considered the fact that someone might come and hear her moans.

“Hah… It’s too hot—uhk.”

The heat that started from between the rubbed legs spread all over her body.
She wanted to take off the cumbersome clothes that wrapped around her body.

“I said…gasp, I’ll warm you up.”

Cahill spoke triumphantly, leaning his torso and tickling Holly’s earlobe.
His hand, skillfully squeezing her neckline, grabbed her chest with bursting force.

“Haa… Ugh, good, ung—Uht!”

She could feel his hand rubbing her voluptuous body so tightly that her bottom got tight.

“I like it so much… I think it will explode.”

Even without words, she was feeling his condition because the swollen pillar was pressing on the inner wall to the extent that it was difficult to breathe.

“Gasp, your ass, I love it.”

He then grabbed Holly’s buttocks as if he was about to rip them apart and accelerated.
The gasping sound also grew faster and faster.
Cahill, who had been brushing her butt like a dog in heat, stopped moving for a moment.

“Ah… I came.”

Cahill, who grabbed her back as if he was about to collapse, murmured regretfully.

The genitals that had been filling her inside shrank, creating a gap.
The pool of s*men moistened between Holly’s thighs.
Instead of leaving immediately, he tapped the sensitive inner wall to appease his disappointment.

“Do you want me to take you home?”

Holly fell into his arms and shook her head without hesitation.
Henri would have sent someone to her house as well since he couldn’t catch her even when he saw her leave.

“Then, where? The inn…?”

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Her well-known workplace was equally dangerous.
It was then that Holly’s mind flashed the perfect place for a short stay.

“A little further from here, there is a hut used by hunters.”

Although she had never been there, she had heard stories from hunters who visited the dining room.
They said there was a small lake not far from the hut, so she would be able to wash herself.
Her body was already itching at the thought of being able to wash.

As Holly struggled to get herself up from his arms, Cahill got up, holding her, and didn’t let go of her.

“Am I not supposed to go?”

The hut was a place for hunters to shelter from sudden rain or fill their meals, and it was a space that was open to anyone.

‘If Henri comes all the way to find me, I can’t deal with them alone.’

If Henri came to visit while she was alone in the hut, she was literally a trapped rat.
Cahill’s ability to subdue them with one of his legs caught her eye.
She had been standing for a little while, and her waist was already shaking from the bottom.

In this state, it was unreasonable for her to go far alone.

You can go.

Actually, she wished he could go with her.
Holly said, pretending to be calm while hiding her feelings.

Seeing the mischievous smile that spread across Cahill’s face, she swallowed a sigh that was about to come out of her temple.

“I’m going to sleep there, aren’t you busy?”

“I’m not busy.”

That was true.
If he was busy, he wouldn’t have grabbed and flirted with her.

Holly moved her steps, half-leaning her body to Cahill.
Shortly thereafter, a lake was revealed, surrounded by leafy trees, as the hunters who had come to the restaurant had said.
Immediately, a red color flashed on his face as he found the water.

“Will you be washing here?”

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As she nodded her head, Cahill, without hesitation, threw his clothes off.

Holly stared blankly at what he was doing.
The n*pples like spring flowers on his body, as white as a white paper, were shown.
After passing through his split abs, her gaze reached the groin, trying not to capture it.

Even if he didn’t have an erection, that scary manhood was bobbing.

At that, she frowned as she looked at the clothes Cahill had thrown over the dirt floor, where her gaze fell.

‘Looking at his appearance, he looks like a prince from a certain country…’

During her not-so-brief period, she met numerous nobles while working as a clerk at a luxury inn, but none was as bubbly as Cahill.
He slept lying down anywhere and picked up what fell on the floor before eating it.

Cahill curled his eyebrows long when his eyes met with Holly, who shook her head.

His face, dazzled by his pure white skin, became brighter.

‘By the way, what country is he from?’

His skin, which was white and transparent, was foreign.
Not only Sylvia, who was famous for her fair skin in Centria, but also the tribe of the forest was not that white.
The temperature was also strangely cool.

‘He’s really a person, right?’

Suddenly, her back shivered and her body trembled.
He stared at Holly, who was stiff, as though strangely.

Regardless, we’ll separate soon…’

Holly frowned, grimacing, shaking off the strange feeling before gathering the clothes lying on the floor together.

Then, she took off her clothes next to him.
Taken off her clothes without a second thought, she glanced back with a tingling sensation on the back of her back.

Cahill’s eyes were fixed on the exposed naked body.

‘He’d seen it all, anyway…’

She thought it didn’t matter, but she kept cringing at the intense gaze.
As she tried to cover her secret place with her hand, Holly realized that it was weird and pretended to be okay and moved on.

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