ate’s voice was full of regret.
After chasing Holly, they were even beaten up by a strange man, so they were going to get a lot from Holly.
The man was absurdly strong, but they got a bag of money from him, so they gave up quickly.

“What can you get from a dead b*tch! Go back now and get more of the others!”

Because the subordinates did not want to be crushed by Henri’s hands while his anger was nearly reaching the top of his head, they all sprinted down the mountain.
Henri remained there until the end, staring at the forest where Holly disappeared.
Then, he walked away while spewing out curses.

Everything was as she had hoped.



* * *



The wild boar was tenacious.
Holly clung to Cahill’s back and couldn’t open her eyes as Cahill flew over trees and jumped over rocks to avoid being chased.
The air passing by her scratched her face like sharp thorns.

“It doesn’t seem to be chasing me anymore.”

Holly’s ears opened at the calm voice.
She slowly lifted her head, which had been buried in his back.
Cahill turned his body and looked at the path that they had passed.
No matter how much time had passed, darkness was already falling on the mountain.
However, the surroundings had hardly changed from the beginning.

“Thank god.”

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Holly, who had her ears open while holding her breath, finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Then Cahill started to laugh.

“Are you having fun with this?”

Holly stared at the side of his face with a bewildered expression.
Even now, her heart was beating so fast that she felt like throwing up.

“It’s the first time I’ve run so hard.”

Although he was not out of breath, his hair was drenched with sweat, as if he had used all his strength.
It must have been difficult to run in the rugged mountains, and he was carrying Holly and her luggage on his back as well.

When will your precious body experience something like this again?’

Holly looked at him with a mixture of gratitude and regret, then started wiping away his sweat with the hem of her clothes.
His alabaster skin looked as if he had never basked beneath sunlight properly, let alone suffer under it.

“But if you have a precious body then…”

“A prince.”

‘Cahil is a bit like that.’

Holly nodded unknowingly, but she soon flinched after realizing that’s not what he meant.
Forgetting that she was on Cahill’s back, she raised her torso and looked into his face.

“…Prince? Like the King’s son?”

Holly looked at him with a new look of wonder.
Centria, the center of trade, had no king.
Instead, elders who were elected from each village managed the area in cooperation with the youth association.

“My mother is the king.”

Cahill said calmly, as if it was nothing special, unlike when he showed off his abilities.

“Then are you going to be king too?”

Holly asked as her eyes twinkled.
But this time, the answer did not come immediately.
Holly narrowed her brows in the silence that continued.

‘Is this a difficult question?’

“If it works, I do, if it doesn’t work, I don’t.”

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Just as she was about to say that it’s okay not to say it if he was struggling, Cahill opened his lips to speak.
He seemed to drag the silence, but his tone was still casual.

“What is it?”

‘I thought I would get to know a king.’

Holly buried her face in Cahill’s back with a dull expression.

“Do you want me to be king?”

Hearing Holly’s voice with a hint of disappointment, Cahill asked as if puzzled.
Holly leaned back against his back and rolled her eyes.

“If I go to your country later, I can be treated as the king’s friend.
Even if it’s not, in the distant future, I can gather my grandchildren and brag, saying, ‘There was a man Grandma knew, but you know, he was the king of a certain country.’”

Cahill let out a low chuckle as she mimicked an old person.
Then, he gave a magnanimous expression as he spoke.

“I can still do that.”

Cahill licked his dry lips then continued speaking.

“I thought it was annoying and I didn’t want to do it, but… I’ll think about doing it.”

Cahill, who spoke bitterly, lifted Holly’s behind, which had slipped down.

“Uh… Thank you.”

Holly’s face was strangely distorted as she responded with a bewildered answer.

‘Is a king supposed to be so fickle, for him to say he doesn’t want to do it, but now wants to?’

Knowing her confusion, Cahill spoke up with excitement.

“Do you want to go to Aisen like this? I will let you stay in the second best room in the palace.”

“The first will be the king’s room, the second…”

“My room.”

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