Naturally, a conversation with her came to mind.

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The corners of Cahill’s lips twitched as the surroundings grew even louder.
At the same time, his lower body was fluttering when he thought that Holly was probably staring at him with admiration from behind.

As he stretched his arms to the side, snow followed his hand gesturing like dancing.
The assassins were bewildered by the snow pillars that suddenly appeared from everywhere.

“Hey, what is this?”

Seeing the sight for the first time in their lives, the men hesitated, unable to act hastily.
A dark smile appeared on Cahill’s lips as he looked at them.

“I don’t care! Attack…!”

Thinking Cahill was making fun of them, the man who appeared to be the captain nervously ordered.
The trained men reflexively threw their daggers at him.

However, the daggers that flew after him were helpless in front of the strong wind.
The men looked at their daggers lying on the ground in vain while Cahill moved his arm toward the first man to move.
At that, the man’s clothes started to tear from the part where the wind rubbed.


After his clothes were torn, it was bare skin.
Wherever the sharp wind blew, flesh was hollowed out.
When he rolled around on the ground avoiding the wind, his bare skin was bruised, and his senses disappeared.

Bright red blood stained the snow.

The man who sat down with his legs lost at the brutal sight was killed by the blind dagger of his colleague who had lost sight in the snowstorm.
Seeing that, another man screamed as the first few could no longer speak.

An angry wind blew through the man.
Finally, no one was standing except Cahill.
Even the blizzard that swung around with the momentum to devour everything had disappeared.

He then glanced around the quiet forest with proud eyes.

“How was it?”

And, he turned his body in the direction of the cave with a smile on his face.
However, Holly that he was expecting was not there, but there was a snowy lump lying there instead.


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* * *



The cold wind scratched her skin, and she covered her face with her hands as her vision was dizzy because of the falling snow.
In the meantime, Cahill, who stood proudly with his lower body exposed, was clearly visible.
The men around him were all dressed in black, so they could be seen.

‘…Will he be okay?’

She regretted not stopping Cahill as he left the cave.
Holly immediately regretted that she had followed him.
It was too cold outside.
She crouched down and took a step backwards, wanting to return to her cozy den, unnoticed.

“What is that.”

Then, a marvelous sight caught her ankles.

Following Cahill’s gestures, a pure white whirlwind was formed and gathered again.
Holly stood with her mouth wide open and did nothing.

For a while.
The snow around her, out of her control, fell upon her.
Holly, who noticed the situation late, tried to pull herself out, though the wind was blowing from all directions, so she couldn’t even afford to escape.

In the end, she was buried in the snow without letting out a brief scream.
At the same time, it was fortunate because she was covered in snow, she didn’t see the people being torn in the blizzard.

Holly was frozen like that, and her sensation was gradually disappearing from her fingertips to her toes.
It was when she was shaking her body to try to get out somehow.
Something cold skimmed through the snow as if smashing them.

Soon, the dark vision brightened.

“Found you!”

The first thing she saw was silver-gray pupils that twinkled like snow.
Cahill, who dug out the snow that covered Holly, curved his eyebrows as if he was really pleased.
She also showed her teeth in delight to see him.
It took a little longer for her to get out of her snowman form.

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“Those people…”

Holly, who gave her trembling body to him, peered around with fearful eyes.
The pure white snow was sparsely dyed with dark red.

“It can’t be…”

Holly frowned upon seeing it properly.
A stinky scent pierced her nostrils as the wind blew.


Her stomach was upset by the stinky smell.
Holly instinctively covered her mouth.

“Oh? I know…”

Cahill, who had been excitedly stroking her body all over, looked at her with a confused look.
Seeing him pretending to know made her uneasy.

“That’s enough.
You don’t know… Just shut your mouth.”

Holly said, covering her nose with her hand and clenching her teeth.
However, he couldn’t stop the free-spirited Cahill’s mouth.

“There’s a baby, right?”

He muttered out words.
His hand, which had been stroking her arm, suddenly slid down and stroked her stomach.

“You don’t?”

Holly widened her eyes and smacked his hand.
The contraceptive herbs she brought with her before she left the house were still working well.
Then, she glanced over his shoulder as he looked at her with blank eyes.

“More than that… are they dead?”


Cahill nodded his head with a blank expression.

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A cool breeze brushed against her cheek as sharp as a knife.
It reminded her of how the men died.
Holly shut her mouth again.

“Because there’s nothing good about leaving a source of trouble behind.”

He spat out hastily as if making an excuse.

Holly, who had been nauseous, became numb as though she had been hit in the back of the head at his words.
She felt stupid that she wanted only to slow the Torimas gang who was after her or hope they give up…

‘Don’t leave a source of trouble behind… I need to get rid of the reason they’re chasing me.’

After finishing her thoughts, Holly tore her skirt with a dagger.
The section was tattered because it could not be cut out at once, but she smiled contentedly and pulled up the rest of her skirt.

“Are you going to do it here?”

When her thighs were exposed, Cahill snorted as if excited.
It turned out he was still not wearing pants.
Immediately, the excited flesh swelled up and clung to his stomach.

“It’s not like that, so put it away.”

Nevertheless, contrary to her crude tone, her gaze continued to point downward.
The lewd p*nis spilled precum as if seduced by her eyes alone.
Holly took her eyes off him and threw the pants she had picked up from the cave at him.

Then, she buried the hem of her ripped skirt in the bloodstained snow.
It was left half-exposed so that anyone could find it.
In addition, she also took off her dress, which had been partially torn, and buried it in the vicinity.

“So, they will stop tracking.”

The blood and flesh splattered everywhere would make anyone aware that something terrible has happened in this place.
She was going to disguise her death with it.

Her naked body trembled.
Holly hurriedly pulled a new outfit from her bag and put it on before Cahill, who was briefly stunned, rushed in again.

“Now, give me a piggyback ride again.”

Saying so, she stretched out her arm towards him.
Cahill, who had been staring blankly at what she was doing, raised the corners of his lips and chuckled.

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“I have a precious body, but you’re using it recklessly.”

Hearing those words, Holly stared at him.

Come to think of it, his first meeting with her was as a guest and an innkeeper.
He had enough money to stay at Halidem, a luxury inn.
When she saw him for the first time, there were times when she thought that he might be a noble master of some kingdom.

“Now, you are not a guest, and I am not an inn employee.
Even if we’re looking at status, it doesn’t matter because the country is different, right?”

Contrary to the content of her words, her voice had no power.
Still, contrary to what Holly was worried about, he was smiling like it was funny.

“Why do I have to carry you on my back?”

He was genuinely curious as to why.
At that, she sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s useless to leave footprints after disguising it like this.”

Whatever it was, it was only Cahill’s large footprints, so no one would ever suspect that the footprints were hers.
Nodding his head as if understanding what she was saying, he eventually knelt on the ground.

“But, how did you end up being chased by those guys?”

Holly, who was approaching Cahill’s back, flinched at the question.
After a moment’s hesitation, she wet her lips with her tongue.
After all, he helped her, and he deserved to know why.

“My parents owed them and ran away.”

Hearing her answer, she could see him frown as he turned his head.
He seemed angry.

Holly let out a small sigh, not feeling any pity for her in him, before opening her mouth, “I’m going to find my parents somehow and have them pay off the debt themselves.”

The corners of Cahill’s lips rose smoothly at the tone of her strong will.

“You could do it.”

Holly smiled awkwardly, feeling the unknown belief in his voice.
Then, she grabbed his shoulder to get on his back and fixed her gaze forward.

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