Chapter 5 – Chaotic home visits.



The bell of Beimen High School rang, after classes in the afternoon, they can go home.


Most of the students in the class packed their school bags early and waited to rush out after school.
Zhuo Shao was no exception, but Liang Chen was the last to go. There was no one in his family.
He was more willing to stay in school than to go back.


Seeing Zhuo Shao quickly leave, Liang Chen put his textbook into his backpack, and then took out a box of iced black tea without a straw from his backpack.


Pulling out a pair of scissors, he was about to open the box and drink the iced black tea.
Liang Chen suddenly remembered that he seemed to promise Zhuo Shao that he would not drink any more. He put the iced black tea back in the bag.
Liang Chen walked out of the school with his backpack on his back. The school entrance is very lively, and several stalls selling fried sausages are surrounded by people…


Smelling the aroma, Liang Chen felt hungry.


His father is his only relative, but he only gets to see him a few times a year.
He used to buy sandwiches for dinner, sometimes he just ate fried sausages and chicken legs, but today…


Zhuo Shao asked him to eat fewer snacks.
Zhuo Shao said that he was fat.


Liang Chen turned around on the road and walks into a fast food restaurant.


For five yuan, you can choose a meat dish with vegetables.
For three yuan, there are only vegetarian dishes. Liang Chen gritted his teeth and took out only three yuan to eat.


At this time, Zhuo Shao had already returned home.


Primary school ends earlier.
When Zhuo Shao returned, Zhuo Ting had already returned and was doing laundry, not only his own clothes, but also Zhuo Jiabao's clothes.


Qu Guixiang asked Zhuo Jiabao to live in the new house, not to make Zhuo Jiabao independent, but to facilitate Zhuo Jiabao's convenience.


She went to Zhuo Jiabao several times a day.
She would not only cook and clean for Zhuo Jiabao, but she would also carry Zhuo's clothes to wash. At first, she washed it by herself, and then she looked at Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting.


Zhuo Shao has never done this kind of work before.
He has a short temper, aside from his own clothes, he generally doesn't want to wash others' clothes.
Qu Guixiang needs a lot of effort to make it work.
Later, he just stopped yelling at her and asked Zhuo Ting to help him wash them.


Although Zhuo Shao often helped Zhuo Ting, Zhuo Ting was always an hour or two ahead of Zhuo Shao.
When Zhuo Shao is not at home, Qu Guixiang still forces her to do a lot of work.


«TingTing.» Zhuo Shao saw Zhuo Ting washing clothes, his forehead immediately wrinkled.
When he saw that there was even underwear in the sink, he even got angry.


Zhuo Ting noticed Zhuo Shao's ugly expression, and hurriedly said: «Brother, I'm fine, I already washed it!»


«TingTing, you won't have to wash their clothes in the future.» Zhuo Shao's eyes fell on Zhuo Ting's crippled right hand.


Zhuo Ting's right hand, the thumb is intact, but the other four fingers grow together, so they are a little crooked…
His right hand can't do many things, but his left hand is intact, it doesn't affect his life, but was forced to be left-handed.


«Well.» Zhuo Ting nodded, just at this moment, the kitchen suddenly emitted a loud bang.


Zhuo Shao looked towards the direction where the kitchen was.


At noon, he used grains of rice to block the air holes in the pressure cooker.
The idea was to blow up the pressure cooker.


The explosion of the pressure cooker will not hurt people or cause too much damage, but it can also scare Qu Guixiang and teach him a little lesson.


And now, the pressure cooker exploded?

The pressure cooker exploded.


Qu Guixiang basically just uses the pressure cooker to make meat.
When you make the braised beef at noon, you won't be using the pressure cooker at night.
But in the braised meat that he made today at noon, there were cockroaches!


Your man, Zhuo RongMing, went home for dinner today.
Right after eating two pieces of meat, he ate a cockroach and scolded her severely.


There are cockroaches in the meat.
Qu Guixiang does not think it is very important.
He picked out the cockroaches and threw them away.
She can keep eating them.


But his son Jiabao has stomach problems.
If he eats something dirty, he may have diarrhea.
This type of meat contaminated by cockroaches should not be eaten by him.


Qu Guixiang hurried to the vegetable market, bought a piece of meat again, and put it in the pressure cooker when he got home.


The result…
The pressure cooker exploded.


With a loud bang, the lid of the pressure cooker was thrown up, the meat inside flew out, and several pieces fell onto Qu Guixiang.


«Oh!» Qu Guixiang yelled and ran out of the kitchen, his face pale.


She did not glare at Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting, in fact, she was not brave enough.


The fried meat in the kitchen is a mess, but the gas stove is still burning.
Qu Guixiang is afraid to turn off the gas stove for fear of running into something else.
He then he shouted: «Zhuo Shao, turn off the gas stove!»


Zhuo Shao did not answer, he went to the kitchen and turned off the gas stove.
At this time, Qu Guixiang shouted again, «Clean the kitchen for me!»


Zhuo Shao obediently cleaned up.


Zhuo RongMing and Qu Guixiang's house is only 50 square meters, with two bedrooms facing south, dining room and kitchen facing north, and the toilets are squeezed between the kitchen and bedroom.
As for the living room, there is no such thing.


At this time, Zhuo Shao saw Master Yang in charge of the class and Master Zhang, who was teaching mathematics through the kitchen window facing north.


Zhuo Shao watched as they approached.
After estimating the time, he pretended to be careless and knocked over a nearby container.


The container broke without accident.


The explosion of the pressure cooker not only scared Qu Guixiang, but also burned his arm.


She was furious, now she saw Zhuo Shao break a bowl and she was angry.


«Little beast, I asked you to clean up, I didn't ask you to drop the bowl.
What are you doing?» Qu Guixiang grabbed his waist and scolded him.
After a few scolding words, he was still angry.


He picked up the duster to his side and was going to strike Zhuo Shao.


Zhuo Shao was hit by Qu Guixiang and Zhuo RongMing at that time.
Later, he became a gangster and became fierce.
He dared to use the knife, Zhuo RongMing and Qu Guixiang were afraid of him.


However, although Qu Guixiang and Zhuo RongMing would hit him, they would not hit him too hard for the sake of the face, and they will find some reasons every time.


For example, when I dropped a bowl, it was a good reason to hit it.
Of course, when Qu Guixiang said it, he would never say that he accidentally knocked over a bowl, but that he knocked it over because the rice was not delicious. She is the best at turning white into black.


But Qu Guixiang turned white into black, that was in the presence of a stranger.
But now…


When Qu Guixiang came, he hit Zhuo Shao and scolded him: «Son of a bitch, you can't do such a small thing well…»


When Zhuo Shao gave the teacher his home address, he planned to find a way to make Qu Guixiang angry and let the school teacher see how miserable he was, but he did not expect Qu Guixiang to open his mouth and even scold his teacher.


Although Zhuo Shao's mother has been dead for more than 20 years, and her face is blurred, she still remembered the gentle woman.
When she heard Qu Guixiang's words, her face suddenly turned very ugly.


Without thinking about anything, Zhuo Shao kicked Qu Guixiang's knee.


When Zhuo Shao was in prison, he learned many ways to beat people.
Qu Guixiang screamed again with this kick.
At the same time, Qu Guixiang was even more angry.

All kinds of dirty words gushed out of Qu Guixiang's mouth.
The feather duster in his hand was even fiercer.


If it wasn't for the pain in her leg after being kicked, her movement would be more ruthless.


Master Yang and Master Zhang found the place that Zhuo Shao said.
When they arrived, they saw this scene.


A middle-aged woman was blocking the kitchen door to hit Zhuo Shao.
The teenager tries to block but has no way.
The room has become a mess, and the middle-aged woman's swearing is particularly clear.


Master Yang is thirty or forty years old.
He has seen many scenes, but Master Zhang has just graduated from college.
He has a good family and his parents are educated people, so he has never seen such a scene before.


He was in a daze for a while and felt great sympathy for Zhuo Shao.


Was your favorite student beaten up at home?


«Stop!» Master Yang yelled, «How can you hit a child?»


«Who are you?» Qu Guixiang turned his head, turned his head, and looked dissatisfied at the two uninvited men: «What does it have to do with you when I hit the child?»


«We are the masters of Zhuo Shao.
We are here to visit.»


«How can you hit the boy?» Master Yang frowned heavily.


«Are you Zhuo Shao's master?» Qu Guixiang was stunned.
She still treated her teacher differently and changed his face: «Since you are his teacher, you must educate him well!» This is the complete opposite! I let him help me with some work, then he'll lose his temper and beat me up!


«He has no father or mother.
I am kind enough to support him.
He is still mad at me all day.
What a white-eyed wolf, a debt collector!» Qu Guixiang said again.


If Master Yang and Master Zhang did not see Qu Guixiang's fierce beating at that time, and did not hear Qu Guixiang's swearing, perhaps they would really believe him, but they had seen everything!


Furthermore, Zhuo Shao will not allow Qu Guixiang to turn white into black.


«Master Yang, I didn't! When I was cleaning the kitchen, I accidentally broke a bowl.» Zhuo Shao, he pretended to be uneasy again, secretly looked at Master Yang.


«You little bastard, you pretend to be pitiful!» Although Qu Guixiang has been at peace for a while, his nature is there.
He now he was about to slap Zhuo Shao.


Zhuo Shao 'panicized' and backed away.
He accidentally tripped over the small cabinet on the kitchen counter.
He didn't know how, but he overturned the cupboard…


The cabinet fell to the ground, and the sound of breaking was still ringing.
Now, instead of one bowl falling, a stack of bowls fell.

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