Chapter 3 – Carrying out small actions.

Zhuo Shao has always complained about the teachers and students at the school.

When his elder aunt came to the school to frame him, why didn't they believe her? Why don't they believe him?

At that time, he considered the school to be a paradise.
When the teacher looked at him with suspicious eyes, he couldn't bear it.
Later, he didn't want to go back to school, but he forgot that if he wants others to believe in him, he should explain it well, instead of not saying anything, I also hope that others will be the worms in his stomach.

Zhuo Shao has understood this truth for a long time, but he still has some pimples on his mind.

But now, the behavior of Liang Chen, the little fat man, has softened the pimples in his heart. Zhuo Shao took a deep breath and decided to welcome her into his life again.

Zhuo Shao thought well, but he soon found that it was not easy to start over and be a good student.

After being released from prison, he took many remedial classes and training courses, such as English, with Liang Xin's encouragement.
It is estimated that he can speak better than the teachers in the school right now.
At the same time, he also took his own undergraduate course.

After Liang Xin's death, he did not forget to study.
To manage the company well, he studied management and design.
Besides working, she spent most of her time studying.

But no matter how much he learned, the knowledge in high school textbooks has been forgotten.

The only thing to be thankful for is that high school knowledge is not difficult.
If you work hard, you should be able to remember it soon.

Zhuo Shao secretly drank water through a straw and listened to the morning lessons quietly.
After the fourth class, it was time for lunch. Beimen High School ends classes at eleven o'clock, and the teacher also stipulates that he must be at school at twelve o'clock.

Zhuo Shao's bicycle was stolen by his cousin.
In the past, he used to walk back to uncle's house with the fastest speed, eat, and then run back to school.

From school to his uncle's house, it takes him ten minutes to ride a bike, and it usually takes more than twenty minutes to walk.
Even if she walks very fast, she will take more than half an hour to go back and forth together, and that's not all, after eating at home, her aunt often finds fault, asks her to wash the dishes or do other things.
In short, she must do something to let him go to school.

If he does, he will be late for school.
But if he doesn't, his aunt will talk badly about him in the neighborhood.

In fact, the first class starts at 12:40 in the afternoon.
The school stipulates that students arrive before 12:30, but their classroom teacher asks them to arrive before 12:00.
If they do not arrive, the students will write.

Zhuo Shao thought about it carefully at this time and found that for some reason, the class master did not like him.
For example, if he was late, he was not friendly for the whole day.

It is also because of his high self-esteem.
If he was willing to clarify the situation for him at that time, the teacher would not necessarily ask him to come to school on time.

I thought so, Zhuo Shao whispered, then got up and ran quickly.

He goes home early to see his sister.

In fact, when he had just been reborn again, he wanted to run home immediately, but his sister was also at school at the time, so he couldn't see her when he left, so he stopped.

Also, the school gate is tightly closed and the walls are high.
The security guard will patrol.
It's not that easy to escape.

Zhuo Shao's sister is actually not his own sister. Family planning control is very strict here, and her parents are honest people.
After he was born, his mother went to Sheung Wan without a second thought, his sister was picked up by his parents.

At that time, he was only five years old.
Her father came home one night after finishing his work.
On the way home, she suddenly heard that there was a child crying.
When he looked, he saw a girl who had been dumped on the side of the road.

Although her father picked up the child at home, he wanted to give it to someone else.
However, the child was a girl, who had a disability in her right hand.
No one wanted him, so Zhuo Shao asked for a younger sister.

At that time, there was no orphanage or anything.
The village and township said that if the Zhuo family raised the child, he would not be considered an extra child and there would be no fine.

Father Zhuo, and mother Zhuo, thought about it and left the child behind, and named her Zhuo Ting.

At first, Zhuo Shao was really begging for a younger sister, but there were many children in the family, and he did not like them very much, much less he was in kindergarten at the time, and there was not much time to spend with his sister.

Father and mother Zhuo do not treat Zhuo Ting badly in food and clothing.
Due to the good conditions of Zhuo's family, Zhuo Ting's life is better than many girls in the village, but in love…
There is no doubt that Zhuo father and mother love Zhuo Shao more.

Of course, Zhuo Ting knew that he had been picked up at a very young age, and he had no problem.

If father and mother Zhuo did not die, Zhuo Ting was expected to grow up safely.
If science and technology had been developed, and an operation was done to straighten her hand, she would become a lovely girl.
But father and mother Zhuo died.

After the death of father and mother Zhuo, Zhuo Shao could not protect himself, so he could not take care of his sister naturally.
No one thought that Zhuo Shao's uncle was crazy, he would even take advantage of a ten year old girl.

Thinking of the past life, Zhuo Shao's face became extremely ugly, and he ran down the road at the same time.

In his last life, he loved his face and was unwilling to run on the road, but now he felt nothing. Zhuo Shao's uncle's family lives in the dormitory of the chemical fertilizer factory.
The house is less than 50 square meters in total.

The house is fine for three of them.
Also, with Zhou Shao and her sister he is too young to live.
In order to allow the brother and sister to live there, they bought another house for Zhuo Shao's cousin to live in and let Zhuo Shao's cousin move in.

In the last life, Zhuo Shao's aunt often mentioned this to show how good they were to Zhuo Shao's brothers.
Zhuo Shao also felt guilty for his cousin, but then he thought…

After the death of his parents, the uncle received 50,000 yuan in compensation.
Not to mention that it is estimated that he still received the savings left by his parents.
His family can buy a house, I'm afraid that's his money.

Zhuo Shao ran very fast, but he got home in ten minutes.
He reached the third floor out of breath, and then he heard his sister's voice: «Brother!»

The 10-year-old girl looks great, but her clothes are a bit short.
When she saw Zhuo Shao, her eyes lit up.

Zhuo Shao was relieved to see his sister like this.

When he found Zhuo Ting with the help of Liang Xin in his last life, Zhuo Ting had become very strange to him.
Zhuo Ting, who had a good record, did not continue studying after graduating from high school and had a son when he was 17 or 18 years old.

In this life, you must not let your sister repeat the same mistakes.

«Don't you yell all day that you don't have enough time to eat and you're not going to wash the dishes?» You can come home so early.
Why didn't you come back earlier like this?

Out of the house came a woman in her 40s to 50s with messy hair and a slim body.
She looked at Zhuo Shao with disgust and said, «Just a debt collector who knows how to eat without doing anything!»

Zhuo Shao's aunt's name was Qu Guixiang.
She was stingy and selfish.
She was extremely mean to her sister and him.
Seeing her, Zhuo Shao felt the urge to hit her. But of course he didn't do that.

In this society, many people think that it is right for the elderly to educate their children.
When children fight with their elders, they will criticize them for the first time…
In his last life, because of this, he was blackened by Qu Guixiang and turned into a white-eyed wolf.
Now, he won't repeat his mistakes.

Besides, he has a sister to take care of.

If he's lonely, how can he let go so easily? But now…
She has to take care of her sister.

Zhuo Shao did not speak, Qu Guixiang scolded again, then picked up the lunch box from the table and hurriedly left.

Every noon, Qu Guixiang goes to deliver food to his son, Zhuo Shao's cousin.

Zhuo Shao's cousin Zhuo Jiabao was nineteen years old this year.
He did not study after graduating from high school.
He has changed seven or eight jobs in the last few years.
In most of these years, he still does not work.

When he works, he usually eats at the canteen or buys food.
When she's not working, Qu Guixiang delivers meals to her three times a day…
Recently, she hasn't worked.

There is a strong smell of meat in the kitchen.
There is no doubt that Qu Guixiang made meat, but there is only a plate of pickled vegetables and tofu on the table.

Qu Guixiang left, Zhuo Ting looked much easier, filled a bowl of rice just to eat, Zhuo Shao suddenly asked: «TingTing, do you want to eat meat?»

«Brother?» Zhuo Ting looks at Zhuo Shao incomprehensibly.

Zhuo Jiabao is full of meat.
In fact, Qu Guixiang makes meat every day, but they never eat it.
Qu Guixiang closes the meat in the cabinet.

Not to mention that they don't eat meat, Qu Guixiang even made little food, it will never be enough for them to eat.

Zhuo Shao smiled, and then took Qu Guixiang's sewing box out of the closet and took another needle from inside.

The kitchen cabinet lock is an old lock that can be bought for two or three yuan.
It's really easy to open… After playing around for a while, Zhuo Shao opened the lock and saw a bowl full of braised pork in the cupboard.

Taking out the bowl of braised pork, Zhuo Shao gave Zhuo Ting a portion.

«Brother…» Zhuo Ting looked at Zhuo Shao in shock.
He didn't expect his brother to pick the lock.
«Brother, will elder aunt see it?»

«Just eat less.» Zhuo Shao also took a portion, and then thought of something, and then kicked the plastic garbage can into the kitchen.

Some cockroaches crawled up and quickly fled.
Zhuo Shao smiled and stepped on one of them.

He picked up the dead cockroach and put it in the meat bowl.
Then he put the meat back in the cupboard.

Zhuo Ting was stunned.

Zhuo Shao did not think it was enough.

After looking around in the kitchen, Zhuo Shao took a small ball of rice and kneaded it, then put it into the pressure valve and safety valve of the pressure cooker and locked them firmly.

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