meter-big flying bird.
A rabbit has the power to kill me.
What the hell is this rabbit, a vigorous rabbit?”

Even if the simulation of his own age is younger than reality, even if it is nine days, reality, let alone a rabbit, can’t kick himself to death, right?

He is a deer, not a bug.

“So the world in the simulation is completely different from the real world.
The power level of the creatures in it is quite high.
No wonder the system says to be alert to remember to take care of yourself, worthy of the world generated according to my final form.
It is simply a metaphysical world, but this kind of world is not good to live in.

Ling Ye complex sighs, shakes his head, temporarily removes the distracting thoughts, and begins to select the simulation’s gain items.

The simulation of himself is now more than three months old.
The simulation of himself is not as good as the reality of him, directly pass.

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9 days of experience.
Such a short period of time is also good to gain experience.

“So that can only mean a big increase in appetite”

Looking at the changes in the simulation narrative of himself, Ling Ye judged that it should be the three red and black fruits that had some kind of effect on him.

With Ling Ye’s choice, a hot current suddenly appeared from his body and quickly flowed throughout his body.

Three seconds later, Ling Ye felt hunger gushing out of his belly.
It was obviously full before, but now it seemed to be ten percent full of only half a percent.
Hungry to death, he immediately lowered his head and began to nibble grass.

A group of female deer around the rest, Ling Ye’s mother was also next to, looked at Ling Ye, did not care.

Ling Ye has long been weaned.
Just now, the running is also very exhausted.
Eat more, no problem.

Ten minutes later, Ling Ye around dozens of square meters of grass all eaten, including some rhizomes, difficult to bite down on the greenery, all a meal eaten in.
Look around at a group of female deer staring in amazement.

Ling Ye raised his head comfortably, just feeling good to eat a full meal.

“My appetite for growth is not a little big, ah, and my digestive capacity, I remember those green plants with rhizomes, I should not have been able to eat them before the right”

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Ling Ye, who came back to his senses, looked at the bare ground around him and felt amazed at himself.

Simulation only said that his appetite was higher than an adult deer, but how much higher Ling Ye is not clear.
Now after practice, Ling Ye is considered to understand how much his appetite has improved.

This is definitely not the amount of food a normal deer should have, especially a small deer like him that is just over three months old.

Ling Ye opened the system template and immediately saw his already changed evaluation.

Name: Ling Ye.

Race: Sika deer (mutation).

Features: Antlers can be regenerated; high self-healing ability; high endurance; high immunity; digestion and absorption ability far beyond the same kind.

Talent: Nirvana.

Current lifespan: 30 years.

Simulation points: 7.

Evaluation: You are a Sika deer with a mutation for unknown reasons, with an appetite and digestive ability far exceeding those of your kind.
Not only can you eat green plants but also meat, you can efficiently absorb the energy in food to act on your body and can gradually improve your physical strength for a long time.

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