“But the lifespan of the sika deer is also short, only twenty years, which is still the case at the end of life.”


He didn’t know what kind of world it was.


Whether it was an ordinary ancient world without supernatural powers or a mysterious world with magical powers.
If he could encounter a few Spirit Herb Treasure Herbs and eat them, it might increase his lifespan.


“Alas, what kind of energy do I fantasize about? I don’t know if I can live well enough to become an adult.
” Ling Ye shook off the deer’s head, feeling that it was more practical to care about the present.


Ling Ye was lying on the grass, silently recovering his strength.
Just at this moment, a ding-dong suddenly appeared in his head….




What is this sound?




Ling Ye was first surprised, then confused, followed by a meal of ecstasy.

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God certainly didn’t abandon me.


A whole bunch of information automatically appeared in his mind, and Ling Ye quickly knew what the system functions he had were.


This system is called the simulator system, and there is only one function, that is plot simulation, which is a virtual simulation, which can also be said to be an evolutionary simulation.


“This is a chance for me to get rid of being an ordinary sika deer.” Ling Ye said excitedly.


Soon, a template that only Ling Ye himself could see appeared in front of his eyes.


Name: Ling Ye.


Species: Sika deer.


Features: Antlers can be regenerated, have high self-healing ability, high endurance, and high immunity.


Current lifespan: 22 years.


Evaluation: You are a very healthy young sika deer, excellent in all aspects.
Coupled with the human soul, you are very likely to become a deer king in adulthood, as long as you do not die young.
Beware of threats from other predators and humans.


There is also a horizontal bar below the template, indicating that Ling Ye can set his final form.

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“Is the final form of the deer an evolutionary direction?”


Ling Ye fell into thinking.


Two creatures popped up in his mind; one was a dragon, and the other was a unicorn.


Both are mythical supreme beasts.


One belongs to the king of scales and the other belongs to the king of beasts.


Dragons have rumors that everything can be transformed into dragons, but in Ling Ye’s view, snakes and fish are the best first creatures to evolve into dragons.


“I’d better choose the unicorn.
After all, it is both animals, and from the font, the original creature of the unicorn is obviously also a deer.
This evolution direction is easier, but can I add something else?”


Ling Ye thought of all kinds of fantasy novels from his previous life, including the Kirin of fire and water, which have obvious attributes.


“Set it to Chaos Kirin.”


Ling Ye nodded.
Chaos contains everything with the Kirin.
If the Kirin is also divided into three, six, or nine, then the Chaos Kirin must be at the top.


As Ling Ye set his final form as “Chaos Kirin” in the template, the system immediately gave him a gift for free.


【Nirvana: energy can be accumulated in the body.
When all aspects reach the limit of their present form, Nirvana can evolve, transform itself, and improve the level of life.
During Nirvana, the body will remain petrified and invincible, and it will take a long time.
When used carefully, this talent can only be used in the real world.】

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