I Can Form Contract With Humans

Chapter 2: Its okay, I trust you!

Red Dawn City, Silver Lake Park.

Silver Lake Park is located on the west side of Red Dawn City.

The whole park is built around a medium-sized lake and many types of faunas have been planted around the lake increasing its appeal.

There are many pavilions near the lake So that people can come and relax while appreciating the beautiful lake.

At this moment inside one of the pavilions, A 16-year-old young girl was sitting with an egg in his hand.

The young girl has an oval face and black round-shaped eyes. She has a cute button nose, Her shoulder-length black hair was draped over her shoulder.

She has a small pink mouth and at this time she was pouting while looking at the egg in her hand.

In her hand there is a purple-colored egg, Its size is about an adult fist. There are thin sky-blue lines on the egg which made it look like a piece of art.

”Humph! I will never succumb to their wishes. Its my first contracted beast, so obviously I have the final rights. ” The young girl waved her small fist in the air and muttered to herself.

”My childhood dream is about to be completed today… Hehehe! I can finally sign a contract with Thunder Bear. ” The young girl looked at the egg in her hand and a smile finally appeared on her angry face.

But happiness was soon replaced by helplessness as she looked at the egg and muttered, ”But this egg is expensive… All the money I had saved is gone….. But thats fine, With the help of a thunder bear, I can recover the money. ”

”Lets form the contract. ” The young girl looked around and after seeing no one around she took out some materials from her backpack.

A bottle of supplement… A paper with a hexagon pattern…. And a pin.

All these materials are necessary to form a contract.

Looking at the materials placed on the chair the young girl nodded in satisfaction and was ready to form a contract.

”Little girl, You shouldn form a contract hastily. That is not the egg of a thunder bear. ”

Just as she wanted to form a contract with the egg, She heard a voice.

The young girl was like a frightened rabbit as she hurriedly pulled all the stuff in her bag

Looking up she saw a 16-year young man standing in front of her.

The young man has a square-shaped face and black hair, Although he is not considered handsome his looks are still above average.

The young man has a thin build and his costume is very strange. He is wearing a beach shirt and short pants with flip-flops.

Looking at the unfamiliar young man who appeared to be the same age as herself, the girl breathed a sigh of relief.

She thought that someone from her family found her.

”Who are you calling brat, you little brat? I am much older than you. ” The young girl looked at the young man and said with an angry expression.

Frightened her for nothing.

”And how dare you teach me? I know better than you if this is a thunder bear egg or not. After all, I am a Beast Master. ”


Name: Lisa

Age: 16

Compatibility: 87%

Aptitude: A+ Grade


Kyle looked at the information and then at the little missing in front of him and felt a headache.

After so long he finally found someone who has such a high grade of compatibility and talent.

Kyle is not a member of this world, As early as 10 years ago he had transmigrated to this world.

After coming into this world, Kyle realized that this world is not simple.

Unlike the previous world, This world is filled with wonders.

Here science and technology are very advanced but they are not mainstream.

Three hundred years ago, the Human Race on this planet suffered a catastrophe. Space cracks appeared all around the world.

From those space cracks, Different races invaded the earth and massacred human beings.

Human beings used all the weapons at their disposal but they were still not able to stop the invasion.

These invaders were mystical, Normal bullets or missiles wouldn work on them.

Because of this, The Human territory started to shrink and humans were like turtles trapped in an urn.

At that time humans could only keep their remaining territory by using number tactics. By using human soldiers as a shield and with self-detonation tactics they were able to keep the invaders at bay.

But these methods could not be used for long as the numbers of humans are limited.

At this delicate time, When humans were facing the crisis of extinction. Scientists discovered something extraordinary.

According to scientists, Along with the space cracks, some unknown energy has erupted from the planet, itself, and humans could absorb these energies to strengthen themselves and fight against the invaders.

They named this energy Origin energy.

With the help of this knowledge, Two professions came into being.

Beast Master and Origin Warrior.

With these two professions, humans were finally able to fight with aliens on equal footing and started to claim all the territory that invaders occupied previously.

Because this Beast Master and Origin Warrior became sought-after professions as all the humans wanted to become one.

Its a pity that not all humans were able to absorb original energy at that time as the human body at that time was not adapted to the origin energy.

But after 300 years of development, everything has changed as every human can now absorb origin energy and choose any one of the professions.

Yes, everyone except Kyle!

With a long period of adaptation, humans could finally absorb origin energy but Kyle was an exception.

He could not absorb Origin energy, His physique was like that of humans three hundred years ago.

A physique is also known as a Primitive physique.

Kyle knew that to survive in this world he needs to become stronger and the only way to become strong is through these two professions.

But… It seems that he does not have the aptitude for that and could only live like a normal human being.

After the aptitude test, At the time when Kyle was feeling hopeless, his golden finger finally arrived.

Beast Taming System

Kyle was at nine clouds after the system arrived. With the system, he could finally become a Beast Master but he was not happy for long as he found something unbelievable.

Because after going through the system he realized that he could still not absorb origin energy nor form a contract with beasts….

The only way for him to become stronger is to form a contract with a…. Human?

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