uxiliary materials.

Mission duration: None

Mission Reward: Method to awaken Divine Sun Body.]

At this time system released another mission, Ye Jingyi looked at the content and was flabbergasted.

”Make auxiliary materials? Thats to vague! Should I make pill or formation? And whats the quantity required to complete the mission? You don give me specific goal so how can I complete the mission? ”

Ye Jingyi looked at the mission and said angrily.

The system seems to hear his thoughts so the mission was updated.

[Mission requirement: Pills(0/5), Formation (0/1), Weapons(0/10)]

”Thats better! System I see that you are intelligent, So why don me make a deal, Give me all the goodies you have and you will have my thanks. Good deal, right? ”

”….. ”

”Okay! I was joking, Give me all the technology blueprint you have so that I can make new type of technology and bring prosperity to this world, in this way your objective would be achieved, right? ”

”… ”

”Hey! When other talk you should atleast give some response otherwise people would think that you are dumb! ”

Ye Jingyi thought that he can take benefits from the system but it seems that its not possible as it would not give any response no matter how he tried.

”Looks like its a rigid system! Sigh, I don like rigid people. If you are born as human then you should be flexible. Eh? But system is not human so this doesn apply to it. ”

”Whatever! Looks like I cannot get more free benefits from the system. ” Ye Jingyi shrugged helplessly and focused on the current situation.

”I have new mission and the reward is good too. I will get the method to awaken my Divine body. ”

”The reward is very rich considering that mission is easy. I just need to make some pills, weapons and formation. I will need to study them from scratch but it should not be a problem as studing them was one of my objectives. ”

”But for now…. ”, Ye Jingyi focused his attention on the cylinder which contained assimilated spiritual energy, ”Quarterly Competition would start in few days so I should upgrade my cultivation as soon as possible. ”

”Okay then! Lets go with that. ” Ye Jingyi started to consume all the assimilated energy and the Qi in his body started to increase.


After reaching 100% Qi in his body started to expand along with the ditian and ended up in gaseous state.


Fourth layer of Qi Condensation realm.


Once again his ditian expanded when the Qi reached the maximum value.


Fifth layer of Qi Condensation realm.



This time the progress was much slower as the cylinder that contained assimilated spiritual energy is almost empty.

But fortunately it is enough to make one more breakthrough.


Soon the Qi reached the maximum value and his ditian started to expand outward.


Sixth layer of Qi Condensation realm!

After this breakthrough the assimilated spiritual energy was finally exhausted and Ye Jingyi opened his eyes filled with joy.

”Phew! I entered Sixth layer of Qi Condensation realm! With this cultivation I should be able to win Quarterly Competition. ”

He is not very interested in the top prize but since he is participating then he must win forest prize.

Knock! Knock!

”Boss! Its me, Hong Meng! ”

At this moment there was a knock on the door and Ye Jingyi heard Hong Mengs voice.

”Come in! ” Ye Jingyi was puzzled why he is here so he invited him in.


The door was opened and Hong Meng entered the room along with Manchu Ning and Li Wei.

”Boss! I have entered Qi Condensation realm! ” After entering Hong Meng said with face full of joy. Just as Ye Jingyi was practising inside he made a final push and entered Qi Condensation realm.

Ye Jingyi was suprised after hearing this, He entered Qi Condensation realm so soon?

”Not bad! You have been working hard these days. Maintain that spirit and strive to enter Foundation realm as soon as possible. ” Ye Jingyi was not stingy with praise as he heard Hong Mengs achievement.

”Yes Boss! I will! ” Hong Meng nodded solemnly.

”What about you two? Whats your cultivation? ” After Hong Meng, Ye Jingyi looked at Manchu Ning and Li Wei.

”Boss, I have reached Peak of Body Refinement Realm. Within few days I should enter Qi Condensation realm. ” Li Wei looked proud and said to Ye Jingyi. With enough resources his cultivation rose like a rocket.

”M-Me too! I have reached Peak of Body Refinement realm. ” Manchu Ning said somewhat shyly.

Ye Jingyi was very happy to hear this. Finally his little brothers have became strong.

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