”What do you mean, Senior Brother Ji? ” Ye Jingyi became curious after hearing him and asked.

”The disciples, Who have the highest chance to win the competition, have entered the competition area. Thats why the disciples are in uproar. ” Senior Brother Ji folded the fans and said, ”Lets go and watch the fun. This is a good opportunity to learn about your competitors. ”

Ye Jingyi has no objection to this so he followed Senior Brother Ji along with Hong Meng, Manchu Ning and Li Wei.


Near the arena they saw few people standing there with indifferent expressions while the disciples in the surrounding looked at them with envy.

”Look, Thats Xiang Xiaosi, A famous outer sect disciple. He joined the sect during previous recruitment and in just three months his cultivation had advanced to the Eight Layer of Qi Condensation realm. ”

Senior Brother Ji pointed at the man standing alone in the group.

Xiang Xiaosi looked like a poor man as his clothes were riddled with patches and his whole appearance was in disarray.

His face was pale and his eyes were sunken, It appears as if he has done some vigorous activity last night.

”Now look at the right, That man with big built is

Deng Jianjun, A popular figure in the outer sect. Many disciples admire him because he defeated a Qi Condensation Realm disciple when he was still in the Body refinement realm. His combat power is good and people who are at the same level can hardly defeat him. ”

Deng Jianjun looked like an honest young man with a resolute face.

He was standing on the place straight like a pillar.

Ye Jingyi looked at him and saw that his cultivation had reached the Seventh Layer of Qi Condensation Realm.

”Look at the three people standing together, They are Bai Boqin, Tian Guang and Bai Liu. They are from the Bai Family, A top level cultivation family in Endless Cloud Mountain Range. ”

Bai Boqin is a young man with Sixth layer of Qi Condensation realm cultivation, He looked innocent and amateurish. He looked like a person who has not suffered social beating.

Tian Guang on the other hand is a top level beauty, Although she is not mature looking like Hui Ying but she is definitely a beauty embryo. Now she is at the budding stage but she is still so beautiful that many disciples would consciously or unconsciously look at her multiple times.

”Tian Guang is definitely a top class beauty but there is a huge threat hidden beneath that beautiful appearance…. ” Senior Brother Ji saw that Ye Jingyi was looking at Tian Guang and said in a low voice, ”..She hates men! And she has a cultivation base of the Ninth Layer of Qi Condensation realm. ”

”She is one of the top contenders for this competition. ”

Hearing the news, Ye Jingyi was surprised, It turns out that she is one of the top players in the outer sect.

”Lastly, its Bai Lui. My advice is don bother with that guy. He is a super mean and narrow minded person. Personally he is weak like chicken but he rides the fame of the Bai Family and other talented disciples. ” Senior Brother Ji pointed at Bai Lui and disdain was present between his words.

Ye Jingyi nodded and lost interest in Bai Lui. It turns out he is a shameless person.

”You should only look out for these people, Others should not be your opponents. ” Senior Brother Ji opened the fan and said to Ye Jingyi.

Thats it?

Ye Jingyi was surprised after seeing that Senior Brother Ji stopped.

”Senior Brother Ji, What about other people with Peak Qi Condensation realm strength? ”

”Oh? Do you know about them? Thats unexpected. ” Senior Brother Ji was slightly surprised after hearing Ye Jingyi and he said, ”Those two little monsters would be coming with their respective master later on. ”

”Don worry about it! When they come I will give you an introduction. ” Senior Brother Ji said with a smile but while taking a look of surprise appeared on his face as he looked in the sky.


At this time, An explosion sounded on the top of the blue dome as a crack appeared in the sky.

The crack was dark and gloomy.

From this gloomy passage a flying ship appeared.

This ship was ten-thousand metre long, As it was the hull of the ship was made from transparent red crystal.

And inside these transparent red crystals, Magma-like substances flowed endlessly.

”People from the Vulcan Sect are here! ”

Don know who shouted but everyone were in uproar after seeing colossus ship floating above their head.

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