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〘Steward Skalma, now returning.〙

Skalma, unlike the other ghosts, entered through the door with caution.

He looked at me, surprised, and then bowed deeply.

〘Master has cleaned up the ruffians who are defiling this mansion.〙

I was taken aback by his reaction when he immediately realized what I had done, but I responded calmly.

“I know that there are still many ghosts left in the mansion.”

〘I apologize.
It’s because I didn’t manage it properly.〙

“Check the locations and time zones where they often roam and report it later.
How is the situation in the Northweden Mountains?”

I had ordered Skalma to go check the status of the battle against the immigrants crossing the Northwedon Mountains and report back.

He gently raised his head and began describing what he had seen to me.

〘The front line with the immigrants pushing through the mountains is tense.
Unlike the majestic appearance Lord Darius had when he unexpectedly entered the battle, his momentum has weakened.〙


Darius Verdi.

A warrior called the guardian of the northern mountains ranges and the giant of Verdi.

It was a little surprising that Darius was pushed back.

Of course, it doesn’t appear in the game, but I was well aware of his power during my three months with the family.

He was such a great man that he could easily fill the position of Captain of Knights.

‘That Darius got pushed back?’

It became clear that it was an interesting yet dangerous situation.

If the immigrants cross the rugged mountain range and enter the kingdom’s territory, the position of the Verdi family will be shaken.

He was receiving various benefits compared to other Counts in the name of Margrave, but he was unable to fulfill his duties.

〘I thought they were like bandits because they were immigrants, but starting with their clothes, their weapons were all sophisticated.〙

“Because they’re coming from the Clark Republic on the other side.”

The Clark Republic was adjacent to our Griffin Kingdom.

Unlike Griffin, where mana is used as its main resource, Clark Republic is a country that values science and technology as a military dictatorship with a single leader.

Although it is not given much weight in the game, Clark’s notoriety was mentioned several times by the game’s characters.

A place called the land of spring because it treats people like machines.

Perhaps the incoming immigrants are the ones who have escaped from Clark illegally.

〘The weapon known as a gun appeared to be uncomfortable due to the noise and recoil, but it was superior in power and range.〙

Skalma continued his explanation after claiming to have seen something valuable.

〘For now, it has a topographical advantage because it is located on the Ridge Line, but it is expected to be penetrated soon.〙

“And the reason is?”

I don’t know how competent the ghost named Skalma is, but if he’s that confident, he must have his own reasons.

He began to explain as if he had been waiting.

〘There is an extraordinary woman among the immigrants.〙

“An extraordinary woman?”

〘Her white hair, like snowflakes, is rough like the mane of a galloping wolf, and her crimson eyes are thick with blood.〙

A native of the Clark Republic with white hair and red eyes?

My eyes trembled as soon as the image of someone popped up in my head.

〘The axe she wields will easily trample the soldiers of Lord Darius and invade the territory of the kingdom.〙


〘Also, all those who follow are equally unqualified for being unmanned, so even Sir Darius will not be able to block it alone.〙

Skalma made a lengthy rant in order to convince me.

He must have thought that I would find it difficult to accept that the mountain range’s defenses could be breached simply because of one person.

But it was the other way around.

‘It appears that Finden Ai is on her way to the kingdom.’

Finden Ai, the leader of the Resistance ‘Scrap Shop’, fighting to escape from the dictatorship of the Clark Republic.

I don’t know the details of her background, but I do know that she came over to her kingdom to support and grow her Resistance after being kicked out of her clan.

Because she was the boss of a chapter.

‘If Finden Ai is the opponent, I should rather give a round of applause to Darius, who has endured so far.’

To the extent that she was described as if a beast had become a human, because she can’t stop once she starts riding her flow.

She’s the kind of boss who gets stronger as the fight continues, so I had to drain her health early on with high firepower as quickly as possible.

I remember that there were countless users asking for tips, saying that the battle with Finden Ai was too difficult.

She has an attractive appearance, but as a boss with that level of difficulty cuts off all of her allure.

‘I can’t beat the Finden Ai now.’

It was only natural.

Although Necromancy had destructive power and versatile efficiency, but I was just starting out.

I crossed my legs for a moment and began to think.

The appearance of an unexpected threat.


Since it could not be seen as an unconditional negative factor, the corners of my mouth went up as if it were slightly twisted.


“A samurai guarding the central entrance,” Nurse Karen muttered as he sat down the central staircase, tapping her chin.

Her sword was leaning against the stairwell beside her, ready to respond at any time.

There are numerous commotions going on inside the academy right now.

Among them, the samurai of the central entrance caused the most havoc and claimed the most victims.

Although it was not a knight, the name was given because an eyewitness stated that the attire was similar to that of an eastern samurai.

“It’s a ghost.”

Is it some kind of necromancy?

Wondering where such a monster could have come from so suddenly, Karen puts her hands on her chin and tapped the hallway on the first floor with the soles of her feet.

She had heard that it would appear when you came down to the first floor, so she went up and down several times, but it never appeared again.

‘Is there separate time slots for it to appear? Should I come back tomorrow?’

As Karen was formulating a hypothesis, she was interrupted by a voice.

“Professor Karen.”

Heavy, dull footsteps came from the end of the corridor at that time.

A gentle and soft voice, a thick belly, and a bear-like body.


One of those rare people Karen was polite with.
She stood up and greeted him briefly.

“I heard that something strange happened at the main entrance on the first floor.”

“That’s right.
I’m investigating first, but I don’t see many clues.”

“Hmm, I’ve heard that there are several incidents happening in other places besides the main entrance.”


If an accident occurs only at the central entrance on the first floor, simply close it until the incident is resolved.

However, such accidents were occurring in various places throughout the academy at the same time.

The dean looked around the corridor for a moment, then put his hands behind his back and spoke quietly.

“I don’t think this is a sudden phenomenon.”


Keren had the same thought, so she kept his mouth shut.
The dean declared, slightly enraged.

“This is a terrorist act.”

March will arrive soon.

When the vacation is over, current students and new students will revitalize the academy once again.

But before that, accidents like this began to happen one after the other, so the dean wanted to find the main culprit of the terror as quickly as possible.

“I understand that Professor Karen has toured many countries while working as a mercenary in the past.”

“Uhm, that’s right.”

She didn’t really want to talk about the old days.
When Karen answered awkwardly, the dean asked in a voice full of grave anger.

“So I believe you’ve had a lot of experiences.
Can you take charge of this situation and solve it?”


“Of course, I will do my best to cooperate, and I will give Professor Karen my full support.”

“How about instead of asking me, make an official request to someone like the royal family?”

The Griffin Kingdom enthusiastically supported Rotain Academy as one of its educational institutions.

They wouldn’t stay still if they knew what was going on.

However, the dean shook his head.

His chin, which sits snugly, was impressive.

“No, if the academy doesn’t properly resolve this issue, the royal family will doubt our abilities.”


“Because there haven’t been any achievements lately from our side.”

Karen swallowed bitterly, sensing some sort of political reason behind his answer.

‘What can I do, I’ll do it if you tell me to.
I’m a salaried person.’

Grumbling to herself, Keren lowered his head.

“I will do my best to solve it.”

We must find the culprit of this attack before the freshmen and current students return next month.”

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