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Deia left.

In the silence that came back to me, I first cleaned up the spilled tea.

The tea, sprawled irregularly on the floor, appeared to be a form of emotion swept up in Deia’s anger.

‘It’s hard to deal with that type from long ago.’

I breathed out a sigh.

Even when I was in school in the past, it was difficult to deal with people with intense emotions or with people with a large difference in height.

Because it felt like we were completely opposite.

But also, uncomfortably, there were also people who felt frustrated with me and forced themselves to leave out of boredom, or even got angry.

‘It’s my fault this time, though.’

No, it’s Deus’ fault, not mine, but I’ve taken over his body.

I can’t help it.

Personally, I wanted to build a new relationship with Deia, so I thought I would accept these complaints as much as possible.

It can be seen as a way to relieve the resentment that I learned while dealing with the ghosts.

‘She’s family.’

Even with empty words, my relationship with my family in my previous life could not be described as positive.

A maternal grandmother who was a shaman.

A mother who hated my maternal grandmother so much.

My mom loathed the fact that I saw ghosts, and when I was told that I had to become a shaman to live, she sent me to my grandmother’s house.

Even so, my dad often came to see me.

I don’t know the details, but my father worked as a manager in a large factory, and every time he came to see me, the ghosts that appeared to be employees behind him increased by one.

Being young at the time, I asked about it without thinking.

With a terrified expression on his face, father stopped visiting me after that.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t lonely.

If you don’t have fantasies about your family, you’re also deluding yourself to the point of absurdity.

“This time, maybe I can do a little better.”

With that promise, I cleansed the tea, made up my mind, and sat down again.

I don’t have to go to work, and I don’t have to prepare for lectures, but I’m still busy.

‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t bring the things I was researching.’

If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have used the tools provided by the academy.

All of the research achievements were academy supplies, so I had no choice but to leave them alone.

‘Even if it costs money, I’ll have to use my personal items.’

Having said that, I wasn’t financially prosperous either.

I spread my palms and began calling mana, despite vowing to do so in the future if I only had money.

The bluish mana, which had been bubbling and popping up like bubbles, quickly turned black.

The purple mana that began to come together one by one created a beautiful circle.

The important thing was the white light inside the circle.
The light wrapped around by black mana, like the sediment of rice cakes, was the embodiment of the soul.


Of course, it’s mine.

‘To be precise, mana is protecting the soul.”

In this world, it was called black magic.

On this continent, black magic was frowned upon, and it is a discipline that should not be learned recklessly, but I had no choice but to learn it.

Because Deius’ body, which was devoid of talent to the point of being pitiful, can’t do anything to prevent the catastrophe that will come to this continent.

No matter how hard I try, the main character’s colleagues are highly compatible in all other areas.

For example, when it comes to simple magic, I am not even comparable to my fiancée, Erica Bright.
Because she is a lumber that can reach the realm of being an Archmage.

Even financially, the Verdi family is not very special.

Only in the northern periphery do we live with pride, and in the eyes of the central nobility, we are nothing more than goofballs.

At the very least, we are well treated because we stop the immigrants from raiding the border.

Black magic was the only way I could help the main character, to be specific, survive in this lost game.

In that regard, I am extremely gifted.

I’d like to get right into it.

Deus Verdi lacked talent, but a human named ‘Kim Shin-woo’ was brimming with it.

In black magic, there were countless spells that dealt with the dead, such as necromancers and curses.

A discipline aimed at inflicting pain on others, cursing them, and completely destroying them.

Since it was a study designed solely for selfishness, it was forbidden by law in the kingdom, but it was easy to obtain in the city where Rotain was located because it was possible to trade secretly.

‘I have mastered the basics of necromancy.’

Everyone who lives on this continent has a little bit of mana accumulated in their bodies.

Because there’s a faint amount of mana mixed in the continent’s air.

A wizard is someone who can accumulate more than others and change it within themselves.

In a word, it is safe to say that people will live in mana for the rest of their lives.

Does this mean your body is simply soaked in mana?


Human souls also live their entire lives soaked in mana, and the necromancy I want to use is based on this.

[Kel kel kel! Verdi’s asshole! You’re back!]

[Look at him being criticized by his sister]

[Of course! You’re a crazy bastard who wants to fuck his sister!]

[Ku-k-k-k-k! It’s because I showed Deia naked in this bastard’s dream!]

[Where did he learn to ask his sister to suck it just because I showed it!]

These damn evil spirits were roaming around noisily.

‘I’ve thought about it for a long time, but there are too many ghosts in this mansion.’

I don’t know what the Verdi family did, but there were so many ghosts that it could be called a psychic spot.


It leaves nothing to be desired.

Before I did anything like this, Skalma came to me in advance.

There was no need to deceive a useful ghost.

A hand stretched out from the black sphere enveloping my soul on the palm of my hand.


I precisely snatched one of the spirits that hovered around me and laughed among themselves.

He was the one who showed Deia’s naked body in my dream.

[kiek! What, what!]

[Now, did you get caught?]

The other evil spirits were also surprised, but the expression on the face of the captured one was the most impressive.

I clenched my fist as if twisting it.



A gruesome scream enveloped the entire mansion.
Isn’t he a very good soprano vocalist?

Although no one in the living world could hear it, it was a noise that distressed the rest of the dead.


Ghosts gathered after hearing the screams from walls, floors, and battlefields.

Among them, there were those who simply could not leave and wandered, but unfortunately, most of them were evil spirits.

[Verdi! Verdi! Verdi!]

There was also a guy who just called me by my family name.

[Can I just chew your hand once?]

[I-I like the tongue.]

There were also cannibals among them.

[Seriously! How dare you disturb my rest!]

[Verdi’s crazy? Ha, a man who has no dignity as an aristocrat has returned.]

There were also those who looked like nobles.

All the spirits who were quietly resting or looking for an opportunity gathered in the room.

[Did Verdi’s idiot, who only coveted women without talent, come back?]

[Why didn’t you tell me? How fun it is to enter this bastard’s dream!]

[Kel kel kel! Let’s have fun again, Deus!]

[I should pee once while sleeping!]

I don’t know if its because they’re dead but they can’t see the soul caught in mana right now.

“I am not the Deus you knew.”

As if they didn’t know how to answer, the eyes of the ghosts who were looking at me twitched.

During the three months I lived with the family, I pretended not to see the ghosts, just like in my previous life.

But now I don’t have to.

“The soul contains mana.”

That is why the supernatural phenomenon of ghosts becomes a reality.

“To put it the other way around.”

The captured evil spirit was absorbed and disappeared.

A black-light circle made of mana was swirling in the palm of my hand.

“It means that all of you are a mass of mana with a will.”

[Ru, run away!]

The quick-witted noble spirit immediately turned around, but it was too late.

The moment you entered this room, your future was gone.

The dead are beautiful only when they are dead.

With a fishy sneer, I gave strength to my hands and declared.

“The wastes that I thought were useless, at least one of them is helpful.”

Souls started to be pulled into the sphere.
They were screaming to escape, but they were unable to overcome the suction power, and the souls were sucked into the sphere.

I felt mana rising from my whole body.
The fading power of those who once dealt with mana as wizards or knights returned as sweet as gourmet food.

An action that cannot be carried out on the academy’s souls.

“It’s a bit less, though.”

Is it because the mana of the ghosts dwells with me?

I thought all the ghosts in the mansion had come, but it wasn’t at all.

Rather, the guys who came were nothing more than babbling evil spirits.

“You pathetic bastards.”

Clenching my fists, I declared.

“I’ll eat you all.”

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