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I was in my room, which had been prepared by the family for my long-awaited return.
The maid left, saying she’d call when the meal was ready.

I wasn’t expecting a warm welcome, but the cold response was as cold as the north itself.


The cold breath that had been coming out of my mouth had vanished due to the heating in the room.

“It’s the coldest time of year.”

February, when the infamous crystal cold begins in Northweden.

It was a time when the cold could not pass over the high mountain ranges to the north and was therefore confined.

During the months of February and March, the ground freezes, making planting impossible.

I arrived at the worst possible time.
Despite the fact that I didn’t intend to.

The room itself was neatly organized, as if they had heard of my coming.

I walked over to the desk and chair set up for office use for manor management.

A chair that comfortably wraps around you.

I closed my eyes for a moment, my back tilted, and thought.

The name of the game I’m in now was called [Retry].
It simply meant that I had to keep trying, but it wasn’t that simple.

It was also about the ending of the game.

The only ending of this game was a bad ending.

In the first round.

In this game, I had to move on to the ‘second round’ to see the proper ending.

I recall it being heavily criticized as the game company’s gimmick to forcefully increase playtime.

‘The important thing is, I’m in that game.’ And there are no second times in life.

In the end, the only possible ending for this world is a bad ending.

To assist with this, I forcibly headed to Rotain Academy, the game’s setting, but was fired after three months of getting the job due to the tricks of my fiancée, Erica Bright.

‘The plan got messed up a lot.’

Erica was also an important character in the story’s development.
She was one of the helpers of the protagonist entering this year.

A good-hearted, caring, loving woman.

‘Such Erica betrayed me.’

The feeling of disgust she showed me until the very end of the day was more deeply etched in my heart than I thought.

The girl I saw in the game didn’t have the personality to commit betrayal, so I trusted her wholeheartedly.

‘I can’t just think of it as a game.’

Having learned a bone-crushing lesson, I close my eyes and calmly put my fingers together.

It can’t be helped if I can’t help the protagonist at the Academy by being right next to him.

I need to assist him from the outside and make sure he sees the ending.

To avoid the end of the continent, I needed to do it twice.
But, there is no such thing as a second round in the world.

I, who knows everything, must act accordingly to prevent the end of this world.

“There are many ways to help from the outside.”

As the game progresses towards the latter half, there are many outside activities that are similar to activities at the academy.

Even when I first heard the story of my dismissal, I thought it was a good thing.

It was hard to wake up late every morning because of the ghosts at the academy.

‘That was the problem.’

That was the reason I was expelled from the academy.

Because I can see ghosts, the actions I took to settle their grievances or keep evil spirits at bay seemed bizarre to the academy.

As the professors testified that I was a heretic or that I was worshiping the devil, and the complaints from the students grew, I was eventually dismissed.

‘I couldn’t help it.’

I couldn’t stand still when I saw the evil spirits harassing the people in the academy right in front of my eyes.

It’s because the academy shouldn’t be ruined before the main character enters the academy.

And seeing students suffering from evil spirits reminded me of the old me.

I have been fighting demons in my own way for them.

And the result was this.

Devil Worshipper.
I was labeled as such.

There’s no inspiration whatsoever.
It’s rather heartbreaking and boring because I’ve heard them all at least once in my school days.

Even if the world changes, in the end, people think the same.

“It’s kind of weird when you think about it.”

Anyway, even if I don’t act like that anyway, the protagonist will enter the academy and do well.

Because that’s what it was in the game.

There was also a brief episode related to evil spirits, but it was not that important.

There were too many ghosts to just pass by, but on the contrary, I’m the only one who sees them.

I laughed at the thought that I was making a fuss alone for no reason and ended up with this result.

“The meal is ready.”

My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the maid outside the door.

I was about to head straight to the restaurant, but the door opened and a maid pushed a food cart through.

“What does this mean?”

Bringing food here means eating here separately, not at a restaurant together.

When I asked with a frown in my eyes, the maid answered with her head bowed in fright.

“Lo-, the Lord has instructed us to do this.
Master Deus is to stay and live in this room from now on.”

“My brother?”

Both of my parents passed away, and now Darius Verdi was the head of the household.
My brother.

“In addition, from now on, Master Deus is prohibited from contacting the outside world at all.”

I couldn’t help but click my tongue as I watched the maid bow her head again.

‘The rumors have already spread here.’

Rumors that the second son of the Verdi family, who had been dismissed from the academy, was a demon worshipper seem to have spread as far north as Northweden.

“Where is my brother? I’ll talk to him in person.”

Since I couldn’t live in such confinement, I wanted to argue right away, but I couldn’t.

“Lo-, Lord is now dispatching troops because of the immigrants crossing the Northweden Mountains.”

As my eyebrows narrowed even more, the maid hurriedly spoke with a flutter and surprise.

“Master, when you’re done eating, I’ll clean up the tableware!”

The maid left.
As I took slow steps and placed my hand on the doorknob, I felt quite intense mana.

I could truly feel Darius’ strong will to keep me locked up here.

Did he imprison his ignorant younger brother, who could become a thorn in the Verdi family, early on?

I respected his choice as a family head.
In a situation where the entire family could be shaken into a demon worshipper, he quickly cut off his younger brother and rectified the situation.

‘But I can’t stay still.’

The protagonist enters the academy this year.

Because I had to lay the groundwork to help him one day soon.

Leaving the food behind, I placed my hands behind my back and headed all the way toward the window.

It was a day when the ever-white and blue bitter winds of Northweden blew viciously.


“Professor Verdi was dismissed for inappropriate behavior and rhetoric.
Because of this, the lectures he was supposed to teach have been canceled, so students who applied for the lectures should come to the Academic Affairs Support Team as soon as possible.”


“The name of the lecture is-“

Meirin, who was surprised by the broadcast that followed, couldn’t help but be startled.

‘Because it was Professor Verdi who was in charge of the ‘Mana Harmony Nature’ and the ‘Soul and Mana Connection’ lectures that she had applied for.

“No, what? Besides, fired?”

It’s not just dismissal, it seems like a fairly serious level of dismissal.

“Damn! I’ve already drawn up the timetable, so what’s going on!”

Meirin was annoyed as she tousled her own purple hair.

It was only yesterday that the second-year smiled contentedly at her timetable, which she had carefully laid out, unlike her freshman year.

But why is this happening to me?

“It is annoying.”

She had heard strange rumors about Professor Verdi. 

At dawn, he walks through the academy hallways and talks to someone.

He sticks strange pieces of paper to the wall and prays.

He warns the students to be careful because there is something strange attached to their backs.

She knew that rumors of heathenism were widespread, but she did not expect that he would be dismissed so suddenly.

“Ha! That’s annoying.”

Continuing to spit out harsh words, Meirin shoved her hand into her robe pocket.

Should I rather think it’s good because it’s before the semester starts?

Even though it was a vacation, she didn’t go back to her hometown and stayed in her dormitory, so she was lucky to hear the news quickly.

“Academic Affairs Support Team—-“

Knowing that it was on the first floor, Meilin walked down the stairs with a strained stride.

‘Don’t let me in any of the remaining lectures for no reason.’

It remains to be seen what the Academy will do.
In this case, shouldn’t they force another lecture at the same time to make room for it?

‘Don’t put me in a weird lecture because I don’t have one.’

A person who came down the central staircase to the first floor in pain caught Meirin’s eye.


A man stood tall on the central porch.
The actual embodiment of the word hideous.

A dark navy blue energy was circulating around the man, and even the space around him was distorted.

Besides, the thing that stood out the most was…

‘No right hand?’

Even so, the appearance of him wearing a sword on his left waist was very foreign.

It would be very inconvenient to draw a sword like that.

Instinctively, Meirin realized that he was not an ordinary person.

The moment he tried to look around to see if anyone was there.


Meirin’s feet touched the hallway on the first floor.


The man who was showing his back immediately twisted his body and rushed toward Meirin.

Kki! Kki-gi-gi-gi ggi gik!

A strong wind blew.

Meirin unknowingly stepped back, falling down on her buttocks.

The man drew his sword and checked it, and then slowly put it back in and returned to its original position.

If the man was wearing a sword on his right side instead of his left waist and it didn’t take him time to pull it out, she would definitely be dead.

Meirin was so sure, but more important than that.


That man’s face was a skeleton with no skin, only flame-like blue eyes.

Undead in the academy?

Meirin, who was breaking out in a cold sweat, gradually got redder.
Realizing that it wasn’t just a cold sweat, she covered her face with her hands.

I’m holding it.

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