Chapter 3: Trickster Game


Andre’s eyes wandered darkly between Yuan Yuxue and Skirt.

The copy gave him great power, and of course, it also laid down rules and restrictions.

His time has passed, and he can no longer openly start to fight against the selected lambs, and Skirt has obtained a short safety time.
Therefore, Andre was particularly dissatisfied with the player who blocked him.

Before that, Andre did not realize that such a player, who was physically weak and had a copy of the newcomer buff, could block his knife.

The expression of indifference to Yuan Yuxue, which skillfully avoided the key point of his question, showed that the other side was hiding its edge and didn’t want to expose his strength, which reminded Andre of some very unpleasant experiences… He had met the same annoying player before.

Master Andre’s smile completely faded, his lips closed in a straight line, and his golden eyes seemed to be cast from cold gems, with a cold, inorganic feeling.

——As far as Yuan Yuxue is concerned, Andre’s anger actually came inexplicably.

Yuan Yuxue didn’t have the concept of “concealing the edge”.
He didn’t mention the dangerous situation that just happened in the dark night, just because… This is an instinct that was not worth mentioning for him.

Even Yuan Yuxue has some defects in this respect.


Yuan Yuxue is the first generation of war robots.

He has participated in numerous battles, destroyed the nest of Zerg, killed aliens, and made outstanding achievements.
If Yuan Yuxue were to be a human being, the medal of honor would have been hung on the whole wall – unfortunately, he was a robot.

They should live for war and die for order.

After the program error was detected, the deadline was artificially advanced.

He became a defective product.

Article 3 of the Robot Code: Under the condition of not violating the current highest order, robots should provide free assistance to people in distress and their companions and eliminate potential threats for them.

However, Yuan Yuxue ignored the potential hazards that posed a threat to human beings during several missions and repeatedly failed to rescue.

In view of the precedent of robot rebellion and people’s fear, Yuan Xuxue was immediately controlled and sent to the laboratory.

All of them were trembling, suspicious and watchful of him.

Thinking of the reputation he once earned as a “human weapon” and the images of him killing Zergs on the battlefield that were sent back to him.
Fear rose to the extreme.
It was as if the next moment Yuan Yuxue would betray humanity and go on a killing spree in the laboratory.

However, the test results were unexpected.

There is no rebellion or conspiracy, but a defect caused by accident.

Yuan Yuxue is, after all, the first-generation robot, which has been in use for many years.
The chip program maintains its original architecture and mechanism, but it was damaged during the task.

A very secret damaged part made Yuan Yuxue lose his sense of crisis——

In other words, he was slow to judge the degree of danger.

It was better to say that Yuan Yuxue did not realize the need to carry out rescue operations than to say that he had given up rescue activities and turned a blind eye to the trapped people.

The benefits that such defective products can bring are greatly reduced.
In addition, the cost of repair was too expensive.
Yuan Yuxue has been able to make full use of everything these years.
The laboratory quickly decided on the future treatment plan of Yuan Yuxue.

He will be sent to the laboratory for destruction, and the disassembled components will be used as research and development materials for a new generation of robots.

Of course, he hasn’t been destroyed yet.

Because he received a “new task.”

——For Yuan Yuxue.

Although his crisis judgment system was very slow and unstable, the cooperating task was close to the deadly death threat, and the characteristics of receiving assistance were very obvious, which touched the dangerous mechanism that Yuan Xuxue had not played for a long time and protected the cooperators at that moment.

This instinct is certainly not something that needs to be remembered.

Andre doesn’t care.

He quietly remembered the hateful newcomer with mask and hidden head and tail.
He walked back to his seat gracefully and threw the silver knife on the table, making a dull crash sound.

The accusing eyes that originally stared at him finally converged.

The steward came forward respectfully, bent down to collect the silver knife, and his posture was almost devout.

Master Andre, who was not happy at first, seemed to change his face again.
He smiled and said, “I’ve made a wish.”

“Darlings,” Andre leaned down slightly and put one hand on the table, with his golden braids falling down and his hair tips touching the wooden table, “I wish to… play games with me for a day, eh?”

It didn’t sound like a serious game.

Although the players wanted to reject Andre’s request, the task panel was very clear.
It was an unavoidable fixed link of the copy.

Rabbit looked natural, as if she was really just Andre’s good friend, an ordinary guest invited here, “Andre.”

She asked calmly, “Is it a trickster game?”

“Of course, it’s fun to stimulate a little bit -” Andre did not respond positively.
He raised his chin, and his smile looked a little bad.
“Everyone should not be a coward, right?”

“So those who fail should also be punished slightly.” His eyes fell on Yuan Yuxue, and he carefully looked at each part of the other’s body.
At last, he stopped on the silver mask and gave a gentle hum and smile.

He couldn’t get any visual feedback from Yuan Yuxue.

The other side didn’t seem to notice him at all.

Andre: “……” I don’t know why, but it’s even worse.

Andre, who was obviously unhappy again, was still following the process faithfully.
He spoke at a fast speed, almost like urging, “Who will play the first game first?”

The players were quiet for a moment.

They were all old players of several rounds of customs clearance, but no one is so despicable to be so obvious, when faced with a trap they can’t wait to push their companions out to block the knife but will instead set themselves up as a target to be guarded because of their poor conduct.

But they also did not self-devotion to the extent of volunteering to be the first to wade through the risk, or not that confident.

Curly was the one who is uneasy.
A curl of hair on his head was already higher because of the action of his head.
Even though Rabbit was already making eyes at him secretly, Curly stretched out his hand lazily when everyone was silent, ready to bravely introduce himself: “I…”

“I’m the first.”

Curly’s voice was interrupted by a more cool male voice.

He found that it was the captain.
Curly was a little surprised, and then he let go.

The captain should be more stable than him.

The first person to “play games” appeared, but Andre did not look very happy.

The young master looked at the line slightly and said suddenly, “I’ve changed my mind.
Let’s draw lots.”

“It’s more fair,” Andre said with a frown, with an indefinable evil in his eyes.
“Isn’t it?”

Of course, the rules of the game are decided by the NPC.
In this regard, players have no right to discuss.

Just now, when they were ready to observe the game form, other players who learned from the experience were forced to be nervous again.

The captain sat back to its original position with no expression and seemed to have no opinion on the NPC’s proposal.
Only those who are familiar with him can tell… He seems a little unhappy.

The servant of Andrea’s family has strong executive power.
After Andrea said “lottery”, the servants had prepared the lottery props, handed them to the steward, and then the steward bent over and handed them to his master respectfully.

Andre held the signbox, shook it carelessly, and pushed it in front of everyone.

“The lucky one is the one who won the red lot.” He also drew a lot from the box, the lower part of which was a simple and elegant pattern of flowers and plants.
Andre seemed to say “ah” with some regret and put the bamboo stick at hand.

“It seems I have no chance.”

He made an invitation gesture: “Please.”

Curly was the first to reach out.

Didn’t win.

Next is Rabbit.


Several players took turns to draw lots.
Because no one in the front won the lottery, the psychological pressure of the players behind will be even heavier every time one player is delayed.

Until there were only two lots left in the empty signbox, Skirt whose lot had not been drawn turned pale, obviously a little nervous.

One in two probability

Not her, not her.

Skirt took the initiative to stretch out her hand first.
The signature cylinder is very deep, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.
There is no possibility of cheating.
When she selected one and pulled it out cleanly, the dazzling vermilion was reflected into the bottom of her eyes, causing Skirt to bite her lips subconsciously.

The rich red color obscures the flowers and plants, with an ominous meaning.

She has always had bad luck.

Even though her mood fell to the bottom at that moment, she still reluctantly opened her mouth and made a joke like encouraging herself: “It seems that the ‘lucky girl’ is me.”

The remaining one is Yuan Yuxue’s.

He was close to the seat Skirt and also the farthest position from the sign box, so it was easy to fall to the last.
Yuan Yuxue did not seem to be affected by the results of other people’s lottery.
He took out the last lot smoothly, and the red end of the lot jumped in everyone’s eyes.


Under the influence of Andre’s words, almost everyone subconsciously thought that there was only one quota, and Skirt was the unlucky one——

Curly’s eyebrows suddenly jumped, looked up at Yuan Yuxue, and his lips closed in a straight line, his face was very ugly.

Yuan Yuxue didn’t have any special reaction, just put the red label on the table.

When she saw another red label, she felt a little relieved even if it was not right.

Yuan Yuxue is just a newcomer, but it’s much better to have someone to work with her at this time than to commit a dangerous act alone.

Even so, Skirt’s liking for the newcomer has been greatly improved.
She turned her head and smiled gently at Yuan Yuxue: “We’ll be together later.”

After a pause, she whispered, “I will protect you and follow me closely.”

Yuan Yuxue: “……?”

Yes, he didn’t understand.

It seems that the word “protect him” cannot generate a complete meaning in the database of Yuan Yuxue.
While Yuan Yuxue was still confused, Andre said, “The first game is simpler.”

“Ghost hiding game.
The range should be on the second floor of the villa.
You should hide in three minutes.
The more you hide, the better.
Three minutes later, I will let my ‘dog’ find you.
The person who is found……” Andre smiled, “is the loser.”

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