Chapter 1 – Trickster Game


In the laboratory, the roar from the huge explosion shattered the eardrums, and the flames triggered in the highly oxygenated environment quickly took to the air and involved all the matter that could be touched.
The roar and screams of the soldiers could still be heard over the loud noise ——

It was all over.


Yuan Yuxue opened his eyes again.

Strangely enough, he hadn’t been destroyed.

Yuan Yuxue, the first-generation war robot, was in urgent need of destruction due to a huge program flaw detected.
His memory still lingered on the moment he was pushed closer to the laboratory and put into the containment.
But when the body functions worked again, he found himself in a completely unfamiliar place.

The protective suit on his body seemed to have been replaced with some kind of overly thin but soft fabric, sticking to his waist.
Yuan Yuxue lifted the small piece of fabric from below and found scarlet wounds on his waist and abdomen.

In the course of the mission, his body was partially damaged.
Because the damage rate was not high, there was no researcher to repair him after the war.

It was just strange that the energy that should have spilled out turned into sticky blood.
The broken hull also turned into tumbled human tissue, causing him to touch it blankly.

There was still no pain.

Yuan Yuxue examined the hull.
The highly lethal light energy weapon was disassembled out at some point, and the hull seemed to have done an accessory downgrade, resulting in a significant change in form, or at least a significantly lower self-repair ability.

A wound like this, he used to need only three days to self-repair, but now according to the speed of injury repair extrapolated, it may take more than half a month.

Mobility has also been greatly reduced.

Yuan Yuxue thought when he stood up to move his body.

The energy reserve has 201 left and was about to run out.

It may also be the reason for the degraded parts.
He could not contact the laboratory, or even connect to any nearby space station.

Unable to locate it, the terrain anchor point was completely blank.

It was as if he had arrived at a place beyond the mark of interstellar territory.

When Yuan Yuxue made another signal contact, a young man behind him said, “Hey, are you all right?”

It seems that his perception had also decreased.

He didn’t find anyone else here.

Yuan Yuxue’s eyes fell on the left rear and scanned the lifeforms around him.

Male, 21 years old in bone age, no abnormal external signs, and the body structure belongs to human beings.

However, the other side is covered with special energy signs that only robots have – a strange energy source that Yuan Yuxue has never seen before, which is looming out from the body.
As a result, Yuan Yuxue made a mistake about whether the other party’s identity was human or robot.

I’ve never encountered such a strange organism, so Yuan Yuxue’s scan and analysis took a little longer.

He tilted his head and stared straight at the other party, his long, thin feathered eyelashes trembling gently.


The man with curly hair, who was stared at by Yuan Yuxue, was a little stunned after his eyes met briefly, and staggered nervously.

From his perspective, the unknown newcomer wore a silver mask of strange material that fit his features well, blocking his entire face.
Although there are some oddities, the players selected are various, and there are many people who dare not show their true faces and hide their heads and tails.

What was more impressive, instead, was the pair of eyes that the other party revealed, special enough to be unforgettable.

A pair of beautiful eyes.

The reason why the emphasis on it being special, was because when he (YYX) stared closely at himself, when their eyes met, there was a strong sense of impact visually, strange taste spread in his heart, and he didn’t speak very hard.

After a pause, Curly’s voice was still bad, but he did not have the faint impatience before.
He just urged: “What are you going to do after all? The task is about to start.”


This keyword is like engine oil lubricating dry gears, which triggers a certain mechanism of Yuan Yuxue.

Is this his last task before being destroyed?

Although it is not clear why there is a new task suddenly, and the tasker who seems to be working with him is also very strange, Yuan Yuxue still nods in coordination.

Curly glanced at him again, and his head dropped a little invisibly.
“Keep up.”

Curly was leading the way.

Yuan Yuxue followed the trend and scanned the current location.

They were in a villa built at the top of a steep mountain range.
The building seemed to stand out of nowhere, almost piercing the clouds, like a huge monster.
Yuan Yuxue wanted to continue to explore, but the strange energy wall block the exploration system, as if there was only one villa in this space.

Due to the energy shortage, Yuan Yuxue only scanned the general terrain of the villa, unable to explore the detailed internal map in detail.
Just from the feedback, he found out that there were many dislocation spaces and some strange energy bodies hidden in it.

They had already arrived at the lobby when Yuan Xuxue analyzed the exploration report.

This villa was a little primitive and old, and the interior decoration was obviously a little dated.

The conference table in the middle of the hall was paved with red velvet tablecloths, which is spacious enough to allow more than 20 people to surround the table.
There are mahogany armchairs on both sides, with golden red pillows.
The smooth and soft leather surface made it look like a very comfortable place.

A handsome and aggressive man sat at the top of the long table, his hands folded, and looked at Curly when he walked across the front door of the living room with Yuan Yuxue.
His eyes were sharp as if he could see through the skin to the heart of the person.
The lips pursed down slightly, forming a very unpleasant arc.
He seemed to be a man with a little bad temper, or even, a ferocious man.

Yuan Yuxue had no feeling for such sharp eyes.

“Captain.” Curly sat next to the man and said in a muffled voice, “I’ve brought it back.”

The man called the captain by Curly nod slightly.

As Yuan Yuxue found a seat that belonged to him, from either side of the long table, it was unknown who spoke out, “It looks like our newcomer has finally found his place.”

A pun of irony.

Curly, who was responsible for bringing Yuan Yuxue back, was probably in a bad mood.
He stared at the person who made a noise, which made the person immediately shut down.
The long table was quiet again.

In fact, this kind of malice can also be seen.
Who would have thought that an inexperienced new person would be selected in this B-level copy.
The newcomer not only didn’t hold his thigh well, but also left the team and acted without permission.
At first, he was a pig teammate who would cause trouble.

Many people are quietly looking at Yuan Yuxue.

Even if their hearts have fallen to the bottom of the newcomer’s evaluation, but it is still difficult to carry a gap to pick on each other some unwarranted problems, such as the current Yuan Yuxue, not only does he not look like a prick, but he’s also even quite well behaved.

He sat in his position, his spine straightened into a line, his hands on his closed legs, a very upright sitting posture.
Even though he was satirized maliciously just now, he did not reply, but lowered his eyes, as if he was trembling uncomfortably with his slender eyelashes.
Aside from wearing a weird mask, the whole person looks like the kind of simple and well-behaved student that people remembered as a good student who has not yet touched the social atmosphere – the kind who will feel guilty if he is bullied casually.

At least the old players who were full of complaints and criticisms about the newcomer who left the team without permission just now, at this time, the nameless anger in their hearts has been suppressed for some reason, and they moved away their eyes.

Yuan Yuxue was also observing them.

Some of these people can be identified as human beings, but some of them are covered with weird energy bodies just like curly hair before, which confused Yuan Yuxue’s judgment.

They are strange collaborators.

“Now everyone is here.
As companions who will be working together for an entire copy next, perhaps we can get to know each other a bit – you can call me Rabbit.”

It was a young woman with white skin and bright eyes like ruby who broke the strange atmosphere by opening he

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