His ivory shoulders were as wide as the sky, and his sharp back line was majestic.
He had long arms and legs.
His hips were narrow, and the contours of his muscles were perfectly structured like a piece of art. 

Her heart pounded and her hands trembled. 

“What’s taking so long?”

As Kwon-woo insisted, she snapped back to her senses and pressed the shutter button.
He looked satisfied with the photo as he posted it on his Insta account. Buzz.
Buzz. A notification rang on her phone. 

On his post, hashtags, such as #gymforlife, #afternoonjangkwonwoo, #keptyouwaiting, #Mhmyunghwa, #lats, filled the description.
The post instantly received over ten thousand ‘likes’ and over a thousand comments. 


─weeptoday : A 3rd generation billionaire posting body pics three times a day!

─noopycats : This guy is the most rich, and most reckless person I know

─qqsspp : His father and older brother are all great people but what happened to Jang Kwon-woo?

└reply: jealous : Well, we all know why he’s not like his older brother.

─avs144 : An embarrassment of Myung Hwa Group.
The only problem of the company. 

─lotlalal : omega38 / Check out that fucking body! Wealth isn’t the only thing he’s born with. 

─momjookeep : I wouldn’t live like that if I were Jang Kwon-woo

└reply: iconical : What’s wrong? I would also live however I want if I were rich.

└reply: lisabuns : Well, that’s never going to happen so stop daydreaming. 


Se-ha read the terrible comments and quietly hit the ‘like’ button.
The empty heart icon turned red. 

“You already told the chairman?”

Kwon-woo frowned as he showed her his phone with the word “Father” on it. 

He was no ordinary father.
The father of Jang Kwon-woo, director of Myung Hwa Group’s information strategy division 2, was the top fifth richest man and the chairman of Myung Hwa Group, which now had a total asset of 500 billion dollars.

She quickly shook her head.
Kwon-woo clicked his tongue as he put his phone on speaker mode. 

─You brat! I told you to stay low until my birthday and you couldn’t even do that!

Kwon-woo smirked as Jang Dae-ho yelled at him. 

“I won the fight though.”

─ Shut your mouth! What are you, twelve? Bragging about winning a fight?

“You’re the one who told me to never lose in a fight.”

─ You make my blood pressure go through the roof.
Secretary Hong, are you there?

Se-ha quickly intervened. 

“Yes, sir.
I’m here.”

─Send that prick to the six factories in Gyeongsan immediately.
And tell him to write a 30-page report in 13-point font size and hand it to me directly by tomorrow morning.
I will check so don’t you dare do it instead of him! If he fails to do so, cut his card right away. 

“Yes, sir.”

She hung the phone and took out her scheduler from her pocket.
Submit directly by tomorrow morning? Among the countless appointments that filled the page, she found a blue circle drawn over tomorrow’s date. 

He’s going to Hansupwon.

The director should also attend this time… She let out a sigh. 

He never listened despite how hard she tried to make him go.
He had no idea what kind of important information and conversation was provided there. 

I can’t just put a leash on him and drag him there. 

As she checked her wristwatch, she noticed that the time was well past 2 P.M as Jang Kwon-woo had been fooling around.
Considering the time it would take to go back and forth, and write the report, they did not have a second to lose.

“We must get going quickly.”

Kwon-woo made an unpleasant face as he lazily searched Chauffer Cho’s number.
She snatched the phone from him. 

“We don’t have time to wait for Chauffer Cho.
Your car is in the parking lot.”

“You mean only the two of us are going?”

“Well, the chairman ordered you to go so I guess I don’t have to go with you, right?”

Kwon-woo stayed silent.
Se-ha then grabbed a new shirt and tie in the suite.
Kwon-woo was always clumsy in doing his tie.
She did not have the patience to watch him do so this time, so she grabbed his tie and walked towards him. 

“You do it every day but don’t seem to get better.
I should teach you how to do a tie before I quit.”

“…You thought about quitting?”

Kwon-woo had a handsome face as he inherited it from his mother, who was once an actress but passed away.
When he kept his mouth shut, he gave a rather sharp impression.
His sharp contours and long eyes intimidated the person looking at him.
His playful smile that he always made barely neutralized it. 


There was no smile on his face right now.
He was still as he looked at Se-ha. 

She could feel her heart heat up.
The room filled with tension which made her feel like he was about to bit her by the finger and consume her.
Although she knew that would never happen, she became nervous. 

His flaming eyes. 

They were the eyes she had desperately wanted to see.

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