Chapter 91: Chapter 91 Mrs.

Lawyer Tian and Lawyer Zhou were both honored, but they were also confused.
They didn’t know what Lu Heting was doing.

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It was Lu Weijian who told them that they had to treat Lu Heting as a company driver.

Although they didn’t understand why they had to do it, they didn’t dare to ask.
It was their boss’ order, so they just had to follow.

But of course, sitting in the same room with Lu Heting made the two lawyers feel very uneasy.
It seemed like the atmosphere inside the private room was somewhat depressing.

Until Su Bei came in.

She looked so pure and refreshing in her outfit, comparable to a spring rain or a newly-bloomed lotus flower.
Without even wearing makeup, her face was so gentle and fair.

As soon as she came in, she walked to Lu Heting naturally.

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Lu Heting immediately started the introduction.
“Su Bei, these are Lawyer Tian and Lawyer Zhou.
Lawyers, this is Su Bei, my wife.”

There was pride in his voice when he introduced Su Bei to his employees.

How could he not be proud of her? She was beautiful, excellent, generous, lovely, and loving.
Her good character was something every man would want.

Lawyer Tian and Lawyer Zhou stood up at the same time and greeted, “Mrs.

It turned out that the woman they helped last time was Lu Heting’s wife.
No wonder it was him who called them personally.

He actually had a wife!

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They had heard of Su Bei before, but none of them had seen her face.
So everyone in the outside world thought that Lu Heting just created such a rumor to keep women away from him.

But now that they finally met her, they felt so lucky.

When Su Bei heard the word “wife,” her face flushed.
But since it was true, she didn’t object.
“I want to thank the two of you for helping me last time, so I asked Heting to invite you here.
I hope this dinner is enough to show you my gratitude.
Thank you so much.”

“It’s our pleasure, Mrs.
Lu,” Lawyer Tian and Lawyer Zhou replied hurriedly.

“Lu Heting told me that he has a good relationship with the two of you in the company,” Su Bei said politely.

Lawyer Tian and Lawyer Zhou were about to stand up again, but Lu Heting cast them a glance, so they had to remain on their seats.

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Lu Heting was aloof, but Su Bei was very friendly.
In fact, she always looked for topics she could talk about with them.
Finally, they became comfortable.
They kept saying that Lu Heting was a good man, and he got along well with everyone.

Actually, they only met him at the company’s general meeting, so they didn’t know much about him in private.
But anyway, wasn’t it always right to say something nice about someone?

Hearing that the two lawyers had been complimenting Lu Heting, Su Bei couldn’t help but turn to look at him with a smile.
She thought to herself, ‘It turns out that he is really a good man.
Even the employees from another department have a high evaluation of him.
Since people are willing to help him, it only means that they like his character.’

She thought that having dinner with them right now was truly valuable.

After eating, Su Bei went out to pay the bill.

Knowing that eating in the private room of this restaurant cost an arm and a leg, she took out two credit cards.

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“Miss Su, your total bill is eight hundred eighty yuan.”

“Huh? Are you sure about that? Why it’s so small?” She couldn’t hide the surprise on her face.
They had abalone and shark fins on their table just now.
And the king crab alone was even more expensive.

So she had already anticipated that she would pay a huge bill.

“Miss Su, today is our restaurant’s anniversary, and we have a promotion that our 880th customer will get a discount.
And it happens to be you.” The waiter then took out a shiny golden leaflet and handed it to her.
Everything about the anniversary event was clearly written in there.
Indeed, they had a promotion today.

“Congratulations, Miss Su.
You are the lucky one!”

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