r them.

Su Bei carried Gun Gun to the bed, bent over, and whispered, “Gun Gun, from now on, you and Da Bao will be brothers.
I hope that after you meet, you will love each other.”

She hoped that the two children would protect each other in the future.

When Su Bei walked out of the room, she took the bowl of noodles from Aunt Chen’s hands and said, “Aunt Chen, thank you so much for your help today.
You can go home.
I’ll do the rest.”

Aunt Chen glanced at Lu Heting.
When he nodded in agreement, she picked up her handbag and left.

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Su Bei took a hair tie and tied her long curly hair into a bun.
She then lowered her head and started eating her noodles.

Lu Heting used to see her with her beautiful long hair draping over her shoulders.
Now that he saw her new hairstyle, she looked lovelier and fairer in his eyes.
No wonder Gun Gun said Su Bei was cute.

Lu, aren’t you going to eat?” Su Bei raised her eyes and smiled at him brightly.

“Su Bei, while we are still married, I hope you can call me…”

“Heting,” Su Bei interrupted at once.
“I’ll call you Heting.
It doesn’t sound too intimate but also not alienated.”

She would never call him hubby anymore.

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In the future, he would marry another woman.
His future wife would be the one to call him that.
The current gap between them was the best way to show respect for each other.

Lu Heting’s deep-set black eyes looked at her.
He couldn’t hide the trace of disappointment in there.

The next day, Su Bei called Lin Moli to inform her that she would be picking up Da Bao.

“I really can’t bear to see Da Bao leave,” Lin Moli said while looking at Da Bao affectionately.
Su Bei hadn’t arrived yet, but she was already very reluctant to let him go.

She had learned to like the little boy so much after getting along with him for a few days.

Da Bao sighed helplessly.
“Hey, I haven’t left yet.”

“Wow, I am so happy.” Lin Moli must admit that a four-year-old boy had made her so emotional with his comforting words.

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