Chapter 817 His Father Has Good Genetics

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The weather was still cold.
They knelt there, not daring to leave.
However, the birthday party would not end so soon.
Besides, Lu Weijian wished he could be together with the two munchkins for longer.
He was in such a good mood that he blew out the candles and ate the cake happily.

“Whenever I saw Mr.
Weijian in the past, I always had to rack my brains to figure out how to entertain him.
I was afraid that I would say the wrong thing and make a big shot like him unhappy.
Now, it seems that if I’m going to see him in the future, I can just bring Da Bao and Gun Gun along.
I don’t have to think about what to say anymore.” Su Bei sighed as she sat by the side.

“It’s not like he celebrates his birthday every day.
Next time he wants to see you, you don’t have to bother with him.”

Su Bei laughed.
“But he’s your boss.”

Gun Gun was eating the cake when he suddenly raised his hand.
“Reporting to Bei Bei, I’m going to the washroom.”

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“I’ll take you there.” Lu Heting stood up and grabbed his hand.
“Next time, report this to Daddy, okay?”

“I know, it’s just because she’s a girl.
Otherwise, I would want Bei Bei to bring me there,” Gun Gun mumbled and gave Lu Heting his hand.

Da Bao followed.

Lu Weijian leaned over.
“Sister Bei Bei, our… Your Da Bao is really too outstanding.
I really want to bring him home and let him play games with me for a few days.
Sister Bei Bei, how did Da Bao become so outstanding?”

“Because his father has good genes.” Su Bei honestly smiled.

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Lu Weijian felt as if he had been shot in the knee.
He had grown up with his brother and had the Lu family’s genes.
Why wasn’t he like his brother or Da Bao?

Su Bei comforted him.
“It doesn’t matter.
You have an advantage too.
You were born with a great advantage.
That’s also an advantage that others can’t compare to.”

Lu Weijian sighed.

“Oh right, Mr.
Weijian, Heting sometimes helps me out on certain matters.
Will it affect his work in the company?”.

“I don’t think so.
He has a photographic memory.
His energy is inexhaustible and his self-control is heaven-defying.
Usually, 15 assistants would have to look at a document together, but he can do it faster alone.
He would discover many problems with it,” Lu Weijian said with a sigh, “He can even do the jobs of five people, what more his own?”

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The corner of Su Bei’s lips twitched as if she had discovered an incredible fact.
“So, Lu Group has always let him do a few people’s jobs?”

“Ah, that’s not true… We can’t reject him when he’s willing, right?” Lu Weijian hurriedly tried to salvage the situation.


Su Bei nodded.
“Lu Heting is just too hard-working.
Actually, with his ability, he doesn’t need to work so hard at all.”

“That’s right.” Lu Weijian agreed.
“Luckily, you brought Da Bao back.
He doesn’t have to work overtime anymore.
In the past, he always worked overtime… Ah, he did it willingly.
I didn’t squeeze him dry.”

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Su Bei’s heart ached as she said, “That’s why I want him to relax a little.
If there are any investments in the future, can you get him to participate as well? I know that Lu Group’s projects are all very big, and it’s easy for them to invest more than nine digits.
Money isn’t a problem, so I’ll be able to gather a sum soon.”

Lu Weijian was teary-eyed.
This sister-in-law of his was really too considerate.
He quickly nodded.
“But it depends on whether he’s willing to or not.”

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