Chapter 808 Follow The Rules

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They all knew that they couldn’t offend a rich young lady like Han Junting, while Su Bei was just an artist.
Recently, her exposure had been rather low.

As for the Tang family, Su Bei had never mentioned her identity as a member of the Tang family in public.
The Tang family did not publicly announce it either.
There was actually a limit to how many people knew that she was the eldest daughter of the Tang family.

Therefore, the waitress judged the situation with what she knew and felt that letting Su Bei change her table was the best choice.
After all, they could not afford to offend the guests in the other private rooms.

Su Bei originally didn’t care about what Han Junting said.
It had nothing to do with her.

Upon hearing the waitress’ words, Su Bei realized that the waitress was talking to her.
Was she asking her to let Han Junting have the private room on the top floor?

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Su Bei looked at the waitress with a smile that was not a smile and said lightly, “I made an appointment first.
Why should I change it for someone else?”

When the waitress saw that her objection was not firm, she thought that Su Bei was not completely against it and said with a smile, “That’s why we’ll give you a 20% discount, Miss Su.”

This meant that with a 20% discount, Su Bei would obediently give up the private room.

Su Bei still had a smile on her face.
It was impossible to tell how angry she was, but her words were firm.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t want a 20% discount.
I only want the private room that I booked.”

The service staff found it difficult to deal with her.
On one side was Han Junting, who was a VIP, and on the other was Su Bei, who had an uncompromising attitude.
They could only say, “Please wait a moment.
I’ll ask for instructions.”

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Su Bei had already given them enough patience.
Seeing that they still wanted to ask for instructions, she was about to flare up when a young and upright man walked over.
He asked, “What is it?”

“Assistant Manager Zhuo, the private room on the top floor has already been reserved.
However, Miss Han is our VIP customer, so we wanted to ask Miss Su to change tables…” the waitress quickly said.

Assistant Manager Zhuo listened attentively and interrupted the waitress, “What’s happening on Miss Su’s side?”

“I made a reservation,” Su Bei answered on her behalf.
“I thought a reservation is meant for others to book a table.
Is your restaurant’s reservation system different from others?” The waitress knew that she was in the wrong.
She opened her mouth but did not say anything.
However, she knew in her heart that the reason why she did this was that she had judged others based on superficial factors.

Assistant Manager Zhuo immediately said, “I’m very sorry, Miss Su.
We’ve already reserved your private room.
We’ll do as we’re supposed to.”

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The waitress reminded him softly, “But Assistant Manager Zhuo, that’s Miss Han…”

Han Junting raised her head with an arrogant expression on her face.
She was as arrogant as a victorious rooster as she slammed her exclusive membership card on the table.
“Assistant Manager Zhuo.”

She thought that Assistant Manager Zhuo shouldn’t be such an ungrateful person.
How many times did the Han family spend in this restaurant every year? And how many times could Su Bei patronize them?

Assistant Manager Zhuo replied in neither a servile nor overbearing manner, “I’m sorry, Miss Han, but we do have a program that provides exclusive services to high-level VIP members.
However, Miss Su has indeed made a reservation.
Please go to our coffee room to have a cup of coffee first.
A private room should be available in half an hour.”

Assistant Manager Zhuo didn’t change his mind because of Han Junting’s identity.
Instead, he did his best to serve everyone according to the rules.

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