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“You shouldn’t be involved in this matter.
You don’t have to care about the family matters.
Just do your own thing,” Old Master Tang said lovingly.
“I can still settle the matter about Jingbei Sheng Tang Square…” Before he could finish speaking, he coughed violently.
It was obvious that his body was not in agreement with his inner thoughts.


“Grandpa!” Su Bei’s heart ached when she saw this.
Everyone in the family had their own thoughts.
Each of them could not wait to take the greatest advantage and snatch away the best project.

On the surface, Old Master Tang appeared dignified, but in reality, he was kind-hearted.
He was understanding about most matters.
How could he bear all of this with his body?

“I’m alright…” Old Master Tang patted her hand.

Tang Yue also rushed in.
“Grandpa, are you alright?”

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“I’m fine,” Old Master Tang replied.
“Grandpa, with the state your health is in, you don’t have to worry about anything else,” Tang Yue said.
“Why don’t we have Su Bei handle Jingbei Sheng Tang Square?”

“How is that possible?” Old Master Tang was shocked.

“Su Bei doesn’t have anything else to do anyway.
Besides, we might not be able to make this project thrive.
If Su Bei manages it, whatever result she attains will be something miraculous.
It might even be effective, right?” Tang Yue said.

Actually, she had planned it very well.
If she took the central square and Su Bei took the suburban square, it was obvious that she would benefit most out of it.

When it came to the matter of inheritance in the future, she would have an excuse.
Didn’t Su Bei already take it to a square? What right did she have to receive other things?

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