orward to take a look, other people also came over to take a closer look at this stone.
A big-bellied man said, “500,000 yuan, I want it! If this stone really produces jade, then I’ll be rich.
I’ll give it a try.”

‘When Boss Wang heard that, he laughed and said, “Sure, 500,000 yuan.
Take it.”

Ashort man next to him took a few glances and finally said, “550,000.
I want it.”

Betting on a stone can sometimes be used as a method to block others from getting the opportunity.

“600,000!” The fat man continued to bid.

Initially, no one was interested in the stone.
However, because there were people bidding for it, its value increased exponentially.
Boss Wang rubbed his hands happily.
Naturally, the more people bid for the stone, the better.

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Feng Cheng took a few glances and seemed a little reluctant.

Su Bei wanted to buy it for him, but he refused to accept it.
He was practically penniless.
Su Bei was concerned about his pride and did not say anything more.

The short man nudged Feng Cheng.
“Poor kid, stay away from me.
Don’t affect my fortune.
700,000 yuan, I’ll open this stone.”

Fatty shouted, “780,000, give it to me!”

Because of the high price, the people around gathered and looked at this scene excitedly.
They were even more invested in this than buying a rock themselves.

In the end, the two of them bargained for a while before the fatty finally decided to buy the stone for 1.5 million.

The short man shook his head.
It seemed that he was unwilling to fork out the money.
He was also afraid that it was not worth it to buy a stone that could end up being a lousy one, so he withdrew from the bidding.

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Boss Wang smiled and asked the fat man, “Sir, do you want to open it now or take it home?”

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