‘When Du Jinghao heard that Su Bei wanted to learn, he was instantly interested.
He nodded and said, “I can teach you guys.”

Then, he explained the rules to Su Bei and Lu Heting in detail.

After a while, Lu Heting nodded.
“I understand.”


Before Du Jinghao could finish, he heard Lu Heting say that he knew how to do it.
He was stunned for a moment and smiled.
Lu, you understand how to play it already?”

“Ido,” Lu Heting said calmly.
There was no hint of joking in his cold features.

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The other elders couldn’t help but smile.
“Heting, you learned this before, right?”

“No,” Lu Heting answered truthfully.

Everyone laughed out loud.
Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei thought to themselves, ‘This poor guy is really too much.
Seeing that he’s being looked down upon, he wants to prove himself.
it’s easy to learn chess, but it’s hard to master it.
Even if he says he understands how to play it now, he’ll immediately be

It’ll be really funny.
How did Su Bei bring back such a boyfriend”

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian saw how arrogant Lu Heting was.
They could not help but worry about Su Bei’s choice.

Only Old Master Tang calmly watched this scene.
The man in front of him was unfathomable.
Many things had already surpassed his imagination.

“Actually, chess is quite easy to learn.” Tang Yue seemed to agree with Lu Heting on the surface, but she was ruthlessly exposing him.
“But mastering the rules is hard.
It might not be as easy as it seems when you actually play it.
Jinghao, what do you think?”

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Ou Huanwei laughed.
“We’ll know if that’s the case.
Why don’t we have a real battle?”

Du Jinghao looked at Lu Heting with a burning gaze.
Lu, is that okay? Let’s play a round..”1

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