r, smoothing it.

This casual action caused everyone to hold their breaths.
She was too beautiful!

It was a pity that although she was beautiful, she was a little brainless!

Su Bei curled her lips as a small smile appeared on her face.
“Master Situ can’t

fix it, but I can find someone to repair it.
Miss Jia, do you want to choose the

jade that my sister is offering you, or shall we try repairing your jade?

Tian Jinnuo was a little angry.
“Miss Su, you’ve already wasted a lot of our

Shiyun’s time.”

Tm really sorry about that, so I’m sincerely suggesting a solution to the

What will you choose, Miss Jia?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

Jia Shiyun felt that it was a pity to lose out on this piece of valuable jade.

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wanted the piece in Tang Yue’s hands that was worth tens of millions more.

However, how could she act so unscrupulous in front of everyone?

Even so, she was certain that Su Bei would not be able to fix her cracked jade,

so she might as well give it a go.

She also put on an appropriate smile and said, “Then Ill have to trouble you to

give it a try.”

Su Bei reached out and took the jade necklace from Jia Shiyun.
She raised it and

said, “Everyone here can see it.
This is Miss Jia’s jade necklace.
Don’t forget the

appearance of it.
I’ll bring it to repair it.
I’ll be back soon.”

After saying that, Su Bei said something to Lin Moli and went out.

Situ Songhui coldly snorted.
How could Su Bei find someone to fix something

that he couldn’t? What a joke!

Tang Yue also apologized, “Tm sorry, everyone.
My younger sister is a little

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Please forgive her.”

“Tt’s alright.
I’l just wait a little longer.” Jia Shiyun pretended to be


Tang Yue’s expression was calm because she didn’t believe that Su Bei could

really fix it.
Anyway, it was certain that she would befriend Jia Shiyun after this


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