Besides, she often heard people say that her mother was someone’s mistress.
This made her suspicious, sensitive, and self-abased.

Every time she went out to play with other children, she often couldn’t fit into them.

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The parents of those children didn’t like them to have more contact with her.

So this had aggravated her asthma.
As long as she felt too nervous or came into contact with something that could trigger her allergies, her asthma attacked.

Today, she had some breathing problems because she was very nervous for two reasons.
First, it was her first time joining in an international fashion show.
And second, she only stole this opportunity from Su Bei.

That was why she had been holding a glass of water and sipping it, trying her best to control her tension.

As long as she could control it, there wouldn’t be a big problem.

Since she had returned to the Su family, she had lived a good life over the years.
She was no longer as sensitive and inferior as she used to be.

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So she didn’t feel nervous so easily.

Her asthma would only attack once every few months.

At this moment, Su Huixian couldn’t control her breathing after hearing Su Bei’s words.

Qiu Minxuan hurriedly said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, Huixian will be on the stage soon.
You can’t provoke her.”

“Why can’t I? Who gave you the courage to say that to me?” Su Bei smiled and continued, “After you stole my opportunity and arranged an event that can ruin my reputation for me, I’m not allowed to fight back?”

Qiu Minxuan helped massage Su Huixian’s chest and comforted her, “Don’t worry.
It will be okay.
Just relax.”

“Are you sure everything will be okay? I was the one who poured the glass of water she drank just now,” Su Bei said calmly with a faint smile on her face.

“Su Bei! You… You put something in… What did you put in my water?” Su Huixian panted heavily.
Her face flushed as she was running out of breath.

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