asking Su Bei where she was and where she saw these things.
He said he was coming.

Su Bei replied: [You won’t come here to cause trouble, will you? Don’t.
I can’t afford to pay for these things.
If you really have such thoughts, I won’t dare to tell you the address.]

Feng Cheng was silent for a while before replying: [I won’t smash anything.
I’ll just take a look.]

After Feng Cheng promised, Su Bei sent him the address.

“Su Bei, this is really great! Why didn’t I know about this yesterday? If I had known, I would have come yesterday…” Lin Moli pretended to cry as she clapped.

“If you don’t hurry up, you won’t be able to finish taking photos today.
Quickly put away your tears.” Su Bei laughed.

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Lin Moli loved photography and was best at capturing still objects.
Hence, this place was like heaven to her.

She excitedly walked forward while Su Bei followed behind her.
Suddenly, Lin Moli accidentally bumped into Jia Shiyun who was walking toward her.

Jia Shiyun was wearing high heels.
She stumbled and almost fell.
Fortunately, Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia supported her.

Lin Moli was also supported by Su Bei, so she didn’t fall.

“I’m sorry.
Are you alright?” Lin Moli apologized.
Both of them were in a hurry, so they bumped into each other.

Strictly speaking, no one was in the wrong.

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Especially since Lin Moli had already apologized first.

However, Tian Jinnuo was fuming.
“How could you have bumped into me? Do you know what the consequences are? Can you afford to pay the compensation for crashing into someone?”

Jia Shiyun’s schedule was very packed.
She still had to go on stage tomorrow.
If she had gotten injured, it would definitely affect her performance on stage..
Hence, Tian Jinnuo was very angry.

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