Chapter 72: Chapter72 Turning Point

The man in charge of the KTV thought that Su Bei had given in, so he sneered, “You should have done this from the beginning, shouldn’t you? Why did you have to stir up trouble if you’re going to be obedient now? Well, just take part in the event, Su Bei.
You will be paid handsomely.”

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At this moment, a group of policemen and related personnel rushed into the venue.

The man in charge of the KTV, however, stood there completely unafraid.
After all, after the mention of the contract, how would Su Bei dare to go against him?

“What can I do for you? If there is no problem, please don’t affect our ribbon cutting show, it’s going to start soon,” he told the policemen with a polite smile.

“We have received reports that there is an illegal fashion show in this KTV.”

The man in charge went pale, but he stubbornly shook his head.
“No, it’s all legitimate.
There’s nothing illegal here.”

“This KTV has not even been approved! What’s more, you’re running an illegal operation.
Everyone here has to come with us!” a policeman said seriously.

Only then did the man in charge realize how serious the policemen were.
It seemed that there was no way for him to escape!

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Two men dressed in suits and leather shoes walked up to Su Bei.
One of them said, “Hello, Miss Su.
We’re here to assist you.
We’re your lawyers.
Let us handle this.”

“Thank you.” Su Bei was particularly grateful to Lu Heting, who had hired these professional lawyers for her.

It was having such a solid backup that gave her the courage to stand up against this illegal KTV’s contract, as well as the unreasonable arrangements made by her father and her entertainment company.

She turned around and rushed outside.

A heavy motorbike was waiting for her at the entrance.
As soon as Lu Heting saw her, he reached out and pulled her onto the pillion seat.

After Su Bei put on her helmet, the motorcycle raced towards the venue of the Orisa Fashion Show.

Fortunately, she had finished dealing with the KTV matter while the Orisa Fashion Show was still in the preparation stage.

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There were still ten minutes left before all the models would walk out on stage.

It was not too late!

In the auditorium, Su Xingfu, Xu Zhiqin, and Du Luo were all seated in the front row, eagerly waiting to see Su Huixian’s first time on an international stage.

At the same time, Lu Heting took a seat in the corner with interest.

Su Bei hadn’t told him what her plan was.
But even though he was worried, he believed that she would definitely find a way to stand on stage today.

His woman would be able to achieve it!

When Su Bei entered the backstage area, Su Huixian was changing into her costume for the show.

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Several designers and assistants were fluttering around the area, tidying up the clothes for each model.

Qiu Minxuan was also helping Su Huixian.

Su Huixian felt a little thirsty.
Or in other words, she felt nervous.
To prepare for the show, she had barely eaten anything in the past few days.

All the outfits for the show were in a ridiculously slim size.
If she put on even a little weight, she wouldn’t be able to fit into the clothes.

Because of that, she hadn’t eaten at all today.

She just picked up the glass of water in front of her and sipped at it, moisturizing her dry lips.

However, she didn’t dare to drink too much.
It would be a pain if she had to go to the restroom later, because the clothes and shoes she had to wear for the show were almost impossible to take off by herself.

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She took another sip and suddenly felt happy thinking of Su Bei, who had been sent to the KTV for an event.

Even if God himself descended to the mortal world, it would be impossible for Su Bei to reverse the whole situation.

Su Huixian was about to walk onto the stage of the Orisa Fashion Show.
This would be a turning point in her career.

After this, Su Bei would never be able to surpass her!

Just as she smiled complacently, she spotted Su Bei in the backstage area.

How could it be possible?

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