th Su Bei,” Ou Huanwei said loudly.

Du Jinghao tugged at his tie, suppressing the frustration in his heart.
He said, “Then there’s no need for a blind date at all.”

“You!” Ou Huanwei said angrily.

Du Jinghao had already walked up the stairs, and only his cold back could be seen.

The short Lunar New Year holiday passed quickly.

The big four fashion weeks were about to start next week.

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These few days, Su Bei had been preparing.

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At this moment, she received an invitation from Director Guo Feng.
There was a thick script attached to it.

‘Su Bei, I know that you’re currently taking runway work and your career plans might not change in a short period of time.
However, I still hope that you can take a look at this script.
Although I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed again, even if there’s only a one in 10,000 chance, I still have to try.’

Ever since Guo Feng collaborated with Su Bei on the commercial, he had been very optimistic about Su Bei and sent her scripts several times.

However, Su Bei rejected all of them because of her health without even looking at them.

She really didn’t expect Guo Feng to reach out to her again.

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Lu Heting took the script and asked, “Have you read the script?”

“No, because I can’t give Director Guo a concrete answer, so I’ve decided not to read it.”

“Are you interested in acting in a movie?” Lu Heting flipped through the script.

“Actually, I am.
I really want to try anything new and interesting.
However, you know that I haven’t studied acting before and I’m not familiar with such things, so I don’t dare to casually agree to Director Guo’s invitation..
Besides, my career is still focused on the runway.”

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