Chapter 610: A Familiar Voice

“Okay.” Lu Heting ruffled the woman’s hair.
She was always so happy-go-lucky and didn’t have any worries about the things that had already happened.
She was always able to recollect herself very quickly, which made him want to spoil her even more.

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Lu Heting had already arranged for everyone to be cleared away from the spot with the best scenery and snow outside the hotel.
The surroundings were empty, and the rest of the tourists were far away.

Su Bei was in high spirits.
She piled up a few snowmen, brushed a little snow onto Lu Heting’s nose, and took many pictures of him.

“Let’s take a picture together.” Su Bei adjusted her phone and leaned on his shoulder, taking several selfies of the two of them.

In the photo, Lu Heting’s expression was a little serious because he didn’t like taking photos, but the love and adoration in his eyes were obvious.

Su Bei and Lu Heting happily returned to their hotel room.

At that moment, Xiao Bai ran over and knocked on the door.

Su Bei opened the door.
Xiao Bai wanted to look into the room with a curious look but she felt embarrassed to do so.

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Su Bei knew what she was thinking and could not help but smile.
“What’s up, Xiao Bai?”

“Su Bei, there was an old man yesterday.
He left a number for you and asked you to call him.”

“Who is he?”

“I don’t know either, but from the looks of it, his status should be quite high.
He was the one who helped you out with the incident with Huang Zhixian yesterday.”

Su Bei had already heard from Lu Heting about someone else helping her out.

However, Lu Heting had forcefully brought her back to the hotel after that, so she didn’t have the chance to see who it was who helped her out.

Su Bei took the phone number and said, “Okay, let me take it.”

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She closed the door and was holding the handwritten phone.
“That’s odd,” she said.
“Why would he want me to look for him? But it’s only right that I thank him.”

“Let’s go see him,” Lu Heting said, lowering his eyes to hide the worry in them.

He naturally knew that it was Old Master Tang, the old man who had always wanted to reunite with Su Bei but had been lingering around.

The Tang family’s actions naturally made Lu Heting worried about the situation Su Bei would face when she returned to her family, not to mention the existence of Tang Yue.

However, it was Su Bei’s family, after all.
Her own family… Although she did not say it out loud, Lu Heting knew that she still had a longing for her family.

A person with an unhappy childhood would have to spend the rest of their life healing their trauma.

“Yeah, I’ll call him right now and ask him to meet at the cafe in the hotel.” Su Bei nodded.

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The call went through and an old man’s voice sounded from the other end.
“Is this Su Bei?”

His voice carried obvious delight.

“Hello, you helped me out yesterday and even left me your number to call.
Can we meet at the cafe in the hotel?”

“Of course.” Old Master Tang agreed.

Su Bei put down the phone and said, “How strange.
I find his voice a little familiar.”

However, she couldn’t recall where she had heard this voice before.

“I won’t go with you.
I’ll wait for you at the side.” Lu Heting tidied her collar carefully.
She was just going downstairs, but he still put on a thick cashmere jacket for her.

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When he carried the woman back from the icy snow that day, her cold body had made his heart turn cold as well.

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