Chapter 607: Mr.
Lu Said

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However, Su Bei was carried into the room by a man and never came out of the room again.
As an assistant, she could not reveal this to anyone.

This was regarding the reputation that an artist had painstakingly built.

However, that man looked quite handsome just from his figure.
Who knew which popular handsome guy in the entertainment industry he was? She didn’t expect Su Bei to settle down in a relationship so quickly.

Old Master Tang was eager to see Su Bei and said, “Let me see her.”

“No!” Xiao Bai hurriedly said.

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“Why not? I said I want to, so I will.” Old Master Tang walked past her.

Xiao Bai thought that he was an investor and quickly pulled him aside.
“Su Bei must be taking a shower and resting.
It’s not convenient for you to go now.
Besides, who are you? If you go and look for Su Bei and the reporters catch you, you’ll cause her trouble.
Let me tell you, our Su Bei is someone who follows the rules.
She doesn’t accept requests to eat and drink together.
At your age, you should have lots of children and grandchildren.
It’s better for you to go home.
If you keep looking for female artists, it’ll only bring trouble to both of you.”

She didn’t know Old Master Tang.
She just didn’t want him to see Su Bei.

If Su Bei had a scandal with a young man, it could be remedied.
But if she were to be seen with such an old man… the consequences would be unimaginable.

When Old Master Tang heard such words, he couldn’t help but laugh.
Su Bei, this child, being able to maintain her purity in this circle had brightened his mood.
His granddaughter was indeed awesome!

Thinking that Xiao Bai was right, Old Master Tang did not insist and said, “I’ll leave you a number.
When Su Bei wakes up, ask her to call me.
I’m telling you, I’m not a bad person.”

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‘Who can be sure?’ Xiao White thought to herself.
However, she could tell that this old man was very imposing.
If he could even suppress someone like Huang Zhixian, his status must be quite high.

Therefore, she did not dare to neglect Old Master Tang’s instructions to give Su Bei his phone number later.

Old Master Tang wrote down a string of numbers for her before leaving.

Xiao Bai looked outside and saw that Huang Zhixian was still rolling around in the snow.
Looking at the snot and tears on his face, he was truly in a sorry state…

Xiao Bai then returned to her room in satisfaction and casually made herself a cup of coffee.

After Huang Zhixian rolled in the snow, he finally endured the cold for about the same amount of time as Su Bei.
His hands and feet were numb from the cold, and he had lost all control of his facial expression.

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One could imagine how difficult it must have been for Su Bei when he asked her to put on a look of joy just now.

“Hurry, hurry up and get me some clothes…” He was frozen like an ice popsicle.

However, before the person beside him could bring him some clothes, a bodyguard in black and wearing sunglasses walked over.
He said, “Mr.
Lu said to have you stand in the snow for another 20 minutes!”


“The mysterious person in charge of Lu Corporation…”

“Oh my God, Mr.
Lu was also involved in this matter…”

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No one dared to doubt his identity..
Besides, everyone had watched him walk out of the hotel while accompanied by the hotel manager.

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