y that family.
They had led Su Bei’s personality astray, causing her to be different from the Tang family.

Because of this, the elders’ mood was very gloomy.
They wanted to acknowledge Su Bei, bring her back to the family, and educate her.
They were anxious about this but they were afraid of hurting her.
Their emotions were extremely contradictory.
It was difficult to make a decision.

The next day, Lin Shulian made some snacks for Tang Yue to bring to Su Bei.

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After Tang Yue left, she threw the snacks into the rubbish bin.
When she reached the office, she sent a message to her mother: [Mom, Su Bei didn’t take them and even threw them into the rubbish bin.
Why don’t you just take a rest during this time? Don’t tire yourself out.]

She then attached a photo of the snacks in the rubbish bin.

She would never allow anyone to compete for something that belonged to her!

Tang Yue put away her phone and walked up to Su Bei when she saw her.
She smiled and said, “Su Bei, it’s almost time for the Top Ten Model Awards.
How’s your preparation going?”

“With Brother Yue Ze and President Tang helping me prepare, everything should be fine.” Su Bei maintained her courteous and polite attitude.

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“Actually, although Sheng Tang hasn’t been established for a long time, my grandfather and father’s company have a lot of connections.
They can help Sheng Tang’s artists.
It’s not difficult to win an award.
It’s just a pity that they might not help you this time.
After all, they don’t know much about you.
And the fact that you previously signed a short-term contract and announced your withdrawal has made them afraid that their investment will go down the drain.

“However, as long as you stay in Sheng Tang and develop well, they’ll definitely help you out one day..
Awards won’t be out of your reach.”

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