l see what the Su family says!]

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Of course, the Su family did not directly respond to the rumors in the entertainment industry.
At present, there was no need for them to get involved.

Despite everything going on, Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin booked a hotel and invited guests to their wedding ceremony.

They had already been married for more than ten years but had never held a wedding before.
They were suddenly holding a wedding this time around.
This was truly something that made one’s imagination run wild.

Was Su Xingfu trying to show that Madam Wang’s claims were the truth?

Su Xingfu even said in public, “All these years, I didn’t give Zhiqin a public wedding.
I apologize to her and Huixian.
They sacrificed a lot for the peace and unity of our family.
Now, it’s time to clear their names.”

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This proved that what Madam Wang said was true.

Someone immediately commented: [Let’s analyze this.
According to the current situation, Chen Xiuzhu must have cheated and given birth to Su Bei.
Then, Su Xingfu couldn’t take it anymore and got together with Xu Zhiqin.
But because Chen Xiuzhu had already passed away, Su Xingfu didn’t say anything bad about her.
It’s just because Su Bei is causing so much trouble now that even Su Xingfu couldn’t help but step forward to clear his wife’s name and show Su Bei her place!]

The majority of people agreed with this analysis.

Everyone tried to dig out Su Bei’s background.

However, because everything happened more than 20 years ago, most of the information from back then wasn’t stored properly.
Hence, no one could find anything.

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