Chapter 546: Too Late

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Su Bei went to the company.
During the company meeting, everyone looked at her with disdain.
Many models in the company were being questioned as well because of her.

It was no wonder that everyone was looking at her like that.
Jian Ping helplessly said, “Su Bei was the one who got herself in trouble, but even the rest of our models are being questioned and suspected.
A rotten apple spoils the entire basket.
This is what the current situation is like.
Yue Ze, what do you have to say about this?”

“We’ve already gotten hold of the evidence.
We’ll clarify it tonight,” Yue Ze said calmly, “You’re also an agent.
Do you rather believe in a marketing account than your own colleagues?”

Jian Ping was being questioned, but she still argued.
“I do believe you, but what’s the use of that? Now, everyone is being dragged down along with you.”

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“The selection isn’t over yet.
We’ll definitely bring down the rumors.
I hope that within the company, the rumors will stop.”

What Yue Ze meant was that Jian Ping’s questioning was just a foolish act.

After Jian Ping and Hao Jiali went out, Jian Ping said, “Su Bei wants to clarify the matter.
Seeing how they’re so confident that they’ll get through this, I’m afraid they have proof.
Damn it, how can they be so quick to act?”

In comparison, they would rather be implicated than have Su Bei clarify the scandal.

Hao Jiali’s chances of getting selected were not high if she were to go up against Su Bei.

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Hao Jiali said, “Sister Ping, let’s first tell the models that Su Bei wants to clarify the matter.
We’ll also tell them to hurry up if they have any tricks up their sleeves.
Otherwise, it’ll be too late.”

The two of them could not lay their hands on Su Bei as they were from the same company, but it did not mean that the models from other companies could not.

Jian Ping smiled and immediately released the news that Yue Ze had yet to announce.

Su Huixian quickly received the news.
“Yue Ze has already found evidence to clear Su Bei’s name?”

“Looking at this photo, there were indeed other people present that night.
If Director Gibson came forward to clarify things for her, then things won’t go as we expected.
Su Bei won’t suffer a blow.”

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“Then spread the news that Su Bei is having an affair with Director Gibson.” Su Huixian made up her mind.

“But…” Qiu Minxuan wanted to remind Su Huixian that there was no need for her to continue offending the big shots in the industry over such a matter.
In the future, if things were to get out of hand, she would be implicated as well.

However, Su Huixian did not listen to her advice.
She wanted to deal Su Bei a heavy blow with this attack.
She needed to take Su Bei down this time.
“I told you to do it! Do you want her to remain lording over me? You may be willing to let that happen, but I’m not!”

Qiu Minxuan had no choice but to leave after picking up the documents.

Su Huixian called her mother, Xu Zhiqin.
“Mom, do you still remember how Su Bei’s mother, Chen Xiuzhu, died? I hope you can bring this matter up again and make a big deal out of it.”

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Xu Zhiqin was slightly taken aback.
“If we make an issue out of Chen Xiuzhu’s matter, I’m worried…”

She was worried that her involvement in Su Xingfu and Chen Xiuzhu’s relationship as a mistress would be exposed.
That had always been a pain in her heart.
Even the Du family still held a grudge against Su Huixian because of this matter.

She really did not want this matter to be exposed to the public and let her daughter be troubled over this

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