ion run wild.
Such a handsome man usually belongs to another man.
He has no fate with us.”

“Then tell me, what kind of man is worthy of him?”

“If one of them is bright and beautiful, then their partner must be calm, reserved, and mature.
Oh my God, I can already write an 80,000-word novel!”

“Here’s your pen.
Hurry up and write!”

Su Bei chatted with Lu Heting on WeChat.
She didn’t seem to care about anything else.

When she received a message from Lu Heting, she hurriedly stood up and saw that he was already in front of her.

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Su Bei stood up and held his arm.
“Let’s go and print the photos.”

“Yes.” This was the first time Lu Heting had been with Su Bei while she was dressed in a man’s outfit.
It was a strange and incredible feeling.

However, when he lowered her eyes to look at Su Bei, she didn’t deliberately show her imposing manner.
Su Bei still had that smiling face of hers.
It was cute, lovely, and obedient.
Her red lips were full and moist.

Lu Heting reached out and tidied her loose shirt.
Then, he held her face and looked at her short hair.

No matter what kind of makeup she wore, she looked so beautiful.
He was satisfied and proud of her.

The sales assistants in the shop were all excited.
Just now, there were only a few people watching the scene outside their shop, but now, the whole shop was watching.

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“He really belongs to another man! I’m so jealous.
But this eye candy is enough to last me for a hundred years.”

“Wait, don’t you all realize that he’s the man from yesterday?”

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