smiled apologetically and said, “I was about to explain this matter to you.
Su Bei was the one initially chosen by Beauty.
It’s only because something happened to Su Bei that we passed this job to you.
However, Beauty hasn’t finalized anything on their end, so the job has gone back to Su Bei.”

After hearing Tang Xinru’s explanation, Jian Ping and Hao Jiali looked at each other with dissatisfaction.
However, they didn’t dare to show it on their faces.

“Does that mean that my and Jiali’s hard work was for nothing?” Jian Ping asked.

“Both Beauty and we have to come to a mutual agreement for these things.
This isn’t a matter that I can call the shots,” Tang Xinru said seriously, “The company is fighting for new resources for Jiali.
You can get prepared first.”

When Jian Ping and Hao Jiali came out of Tang Xinru’s office, their faces were utterly dark.

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“Mutual agreement? Su Bei was the one initially chosen? Is she trying to coax children by saying these words?” Jian Ping was very dissatisfied with Tang Xinru’s explanation.

Hao Jiali also looked displeased.
“This cover would’ve been a great boost for my career.
It’d help me get selected as one of the top ten models of the year.
But as soon as Su Bei came back, she snatched it away from me.
Is the company planning to only support Su Bei now? Tang Xinru is too biased!”

“I’ve told you before that Tang Xinru is not suitable to lead a company.
She doesn’t have a good eye for people.
She doesn’t know how to separate private interests from her work,” Jian Ping said angrily.

However, it was not up to her to decide whether Tang Xinru could be a leader or not.

Besides, the reason why Sheng Tang was able to get to where it was now had everything to do with Tang Xinru’s leadership ability.

Jian Ping was just criticizing her.

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