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Lu Heting tossed his phone to Lu Weijian and said, “Help me take a photo.”

“Okay!” Lu Weijian immediately adjusted the angle of the phone.
“Brother, are you going to be in a financial magazine? You seldom take photos.
If you’re going to be in a magazine, let the professionals do it.
Since you’re finally willing to be in a financial magazine, let’s make it grand.
Don’t take this matter too lightly.”

“Just do it.”

Lu Weijian scratched his head.
“Then what kind of photos do you want? What style? What do you want them for?”

“Make it natural.
I want to look handsome.” Lu Heting didn’t have any other requirements.
As long as the photo was good enough for Su Bei.

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“That’s easy.
With your face, looking handsome in photos is an easy feat.
You’ll look handsome in any photo.” Lu Weijian was telling the truth.
If Lu Heting ended up looking ugly in a photo, the photographer must be stupid.

How could he, Lu Weijian, not know how to take a few photos?

He took a lot of photos in one go.
It was really satisfying.
In the past, Lu Heting never liked taking photos.
But now, Lu Heting took the initiative to have him take photos of him.
To prove himself as a good photographer, Lu Weijian had to perform well!

“You stand there.
Yes, just stand there and pose.
Okay, very handsome! One more photo!” Lu Weijian ordered while taking photos.

Holding the phone in his hand, Lu Weijian rushed to Lu Heting and asked, “Brother, what do you think of these?”

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Lu Heting flipped through the photos carefully and finally chose two.

“Brother, what are you going to do with them?” Lu Weijian scratched his head with curiosity.
His brother wanting his photos to be taken was something he could not comprehend.

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