t she had sent him.
The papers were slightly yellowing at the edges.

It turned out that this was what Lu Heting wanted to tell her today.
Now that the answer was right in front of her eyes, she clenched her fingers and froze, not daring to make a move.

“What? Are you afraid of reading them?” Lu Heting’s face was calm and emotionless.

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What kind of answer was she expecting?

Su Bei was so nervous that she closed her eyes to calm herself down.

At the same moment, Lu Heting took a sidelong glance at her and saw her beautiful face.
The way she closed her eyes made his breath hitch in his throat.

What was she thinking?

Suddenly, Su Bei opened her eyes as if she had made up her mind.
Without any more hesitation, she took out the divorce agreement and turned to the last page.

She scrunched up her eyes, only daring to open one eye a little to read the contents of the page.

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When she saw clearly that the last page only had her signature on it, and not his, her other eye widened as well.
Joy filled her heart.

It turned out that he hadn’t signed the divorce agreements!

In other words, for the past five years, he had been sticking to this nominal marriage.

The realization made her feel a pang of guilt.
She turned her head and said, “I’m really sorry, Mr.

The joy in the girl’s eyes alone made Lu Heting feel like a huge weight had been taken off of him.

However, he hid his emotions and asked, “Is this the result you wanted, Su Bei?”

I’m really glad.
But Mr.
Lu, these past five years must have been really unfair for you.
I will try my best to make it up to you.”

Su Bei couldn’t stop the happiness that was blossoming in her heart.
Lu Heting was Da Bao’s biological father.
Since they were still married, it meant that Da Bao would be taken care of by his biological father from now on!

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