ering to the door step by step.

Perhaps it was because she had drunk after such a long time, but she could barely balance herself after drinking just a few gulps of wine.

Behind her came loud cries of “Congratulations” and happy laughter.
But all this joy and festivity had nothing to do with her.

Even after exiting the company building, she continued walking aimlessly down the road.

A Bentley slowly followed her before coming to a stop.

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Noticing that she was in low spirits, Lu Heting got out of the car and strode over to her.
Then, putting his arm around her shoulder, he led her back to the car.

When he finally looked down at her face, he found that her eyes were red and a little swollen, like peach blossoms.
There was also a faint smell of alcohol coming from her.

“Did you drink?” A deep frown appeared on Lu Heting’s face.

She had just been there for a short while and that was her company.
Where had she drunk so much?

The corners of Su Bei’s mouth lifted.
She wanted to flash him a smile, but tears involuntarily welled up in her eyes.
“They held a celebration party for me to wish me success in tomorrow’s show.
So I took a sip…”

Was that why she was so tipsy that she didn’t even notice that he had his arm around her?

He knew that she wasn’t telling him the whole truth.

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He looked down at her, and a touch of pity flashed across his eyebrows.
“What happened?”

“They replaced me with Su Huixian…” The tears in Su Bei’s eyes finally slid across her long eyelashes and fell down her cheeks.

Half of her face was covered by her long hair, and the smile on her face was faint.

Lu Heting instinctively wrapped both his arms around her and held her close.

Su Bei hugged him back.
“After they appeared, I lost my mother, then my father, then Du Luo, and now, I even lost my job… I have nothing in this world.”

“It’s ok.
You still have me,” Lu Heting whispered in a mellow voice.

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