Chapter 502: His Heart Is Aching

After breakfast, Lu Heting and Su Bei went to the hospital for a check-up.

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In order not to put too much pressure on Su Bei, Hua Cuo had already led Feng Ze and the others to the waiting area to rest.

The nurse who received Su Bei took her to a doctor named Craig, who was her previous attending physician.

“Doctor Craig, is there anything wrong with my condition?” Su Bei asked.
“When I checked with you before, you said that there was no point in treating me.”

“I did say that before, but I asked you to come back because I want you to undergo another examination.”

“Has her condition changed?” Lu Heting asked.

Doctor Craig glanced at him.
“Let’s do the check-up first.”

The doctor’s attitude made Su Bei nervous, but she was already mentally prepared.
It was just a few more twists and turns, so she quickly calmed herself down.

However, Lu Heting pursed his thin lips tightly.
His expression was solemn, and his eyes were exceptionally deep.

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Su Bei reached out and held his hand, interlocking her fingers with his as she comforted him silently.

Lu Heting turned his head and held her in his arms, feeling sorry for her.
He was the one who was supposed to be comforting her, but at this moment, it was Su Bei who was being considerate of his feelings.

What he could do was actually very limited.

Su Bei went in and did a series of detailed tests.

Lu Heting stood not far away from her.
He saw that Su Bei would frown from time to time.
He was unable to conceal his heartache.
Every inch of his skin seemed to tremble at the sight of this.
He felt sorry for her!

After the check-up, Su Bei did not have much energy left.

She had not eaten anything since yesterday, so her legs were weak.

Lu Heting hurriedly hugged her and sat her down.

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At this time, a glass of hot milk was handed to her.

Lu Heting looked in the direction of the man’s hand and saw that it was Feng Ze.
He still looked calm, and his fringe covered his eyes.

He could not tell what this man was feeling, but the vibe he gave off was very obvious.

His heart ached just as much as Lu Heting’s.

“The doctor said that you can eat now,” Feng Ze reminded her.

Lu Heting took it, handed it to Su Bei, and said in a low voice, “Drink some.”

“Thank you, Boss.” Su Bei smiled weakly.

Hearing her thanks, Feng Ze’s eyes darkened.
Did she have to be so polite to him?

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When Su Bei was almost done drinking the milk, Feng Ze turned around and left.

“What else do you want to eat?” Lu Heting asked in a low voice.

“I don’t have much of an appetite.
Let’s talk about it later.” Su Bei smiled at him.
No matter what was going on, the bright smile on her face was still as charming and bright.

“Okay.” Lu Heting’s heart ached.
There was nothing else he could do except hold her tightly.

A nurse came over and said, “Mr.
Lu, Miss Su, Doctor Craig wants you to head into the consultation room.”

Lu Heting carried Su Bei to the room.

He took good care of Su Bei throughout the whole process.
He did not hide from the eyes of others at all.
Since the people of the United States were more open-minded, they could understand why he was carrying Su Bei here and there.
Several blonde and blue-eyed nurses were even envious.

In the consultation room sat the director of the hospital, the person in charge of the department, Doctor Craig, and his assistant.

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Such a scene made Lu Heting’s heart constrict, as if even the air had thinned out.

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