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From the beginning, they had let their feelings cloud their judgment.
They had labeled Su Bei as the troublemaker in their hearts.
They had wanted evidence just to help them confirm their doubts.


Su Bei had always thought that she was the real daughter of the head of the Su family, and that she would one day become a part of the Du family as Du Luo’s wife, but now, she realized how ridiculous it all was.

No one believed her or cared about her at all!

Su Bei finally stopped laughing.
“Du Luo, you’ve disappointed me too,” she said plainly with a snort.

She picked up the scissors on the table and cut through the hem of her wedding dress.
Then, she suddenly tore up the dress and threw it on the ground.

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Du Luo’s eyes darkened.
“What are you doing, Su Bei?”

“This is exactly what you want, isn’t it?” Su Bei usually looked bright-eyed, but now, her eyes were dim and watery.

She walked back to her room with heavy steps.
Then, she took her suitcase and went downstairs.

“Sir, Miss Bei wants to leave home…” A maid rushed over to Su Xingfu and reported the news.

“Don’t mind her!” Su Xingfu was really angry.
He thought he should teach his daughter a lesson!

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However, Du Luo’s eyes turned anxious.
Just when he turned to chase after Su Bei, Su Huixian let out a groan and fainted.

“What’s wrong with you, Huixian? Don’t scare me…” Xu Zhiqin cried out loud.

Du Luo stopped and hurried back to Su Huixian.


Su Xingfu also took Su Huixian into his arms anxiously.

Su Bei looked back as she reached the door.
After seeing what her father and Du Luo were doing, she walked out of the Su family without hesitation.


With all her luggage, she drove straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau!

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