Chapter 491: Have To Find Her No Matter How Difficult It Is

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Soon, Lu Heting confirmed Feng Ze’s general location and asked someone to monitor his every move.

Now that Su Bei was missing, the two men gathered almost all their manpower and resources available to look into it.

After eliminating all unlikelihoods, there was only one possibility left.

Although Lu Heting did not know much about what had happened to Su Bei in the United States in the past five years, he was almost sure that this was not the doing of her rivals or competitors.
People in the entertainment industry would not do such a thing.
Besides, she was only a model in the United States.
She had a lot of work, but she was not very famous.

Hence, Su Bei’s disappearance could only be related to Feng Ze or his people.

In the evening, Lu Heting arrived at the border between the United States and Mexico.

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According to the information he received and the surveillance footage, he managed to track Su Bei here.
She was sitting in the car and had stuck her head out the window.
Her face was caught by a surveillance camera.

Since Lu Heting was able to find this place, Feng Ze was naturally able to find it too.

The people from both sides finally gathered here.

Following Feng Ze, Lin Yu said, “Boss, what should we do? The car carrying Su Bei has entered Mexico.
Mexico is a very messy country, especially in the city that borders the United States.
All sorts of illegal activities are carried out there with no authority managing the place.
If Su Bei was tossed there, then…”

Anxiety flickered in the eyes of the people who were following behind Feng Ze, as well as the usually calm Gu Xifeng.

Feng Feifei said, “No matter how difficult it is, we have to find her!”

Hua Cuo, who was wearing a business suit, walked over in her high heels.
“Yes, we’ll definitely look for her.
But how long will it take to look for her in a place like this?”

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Hua Cuo was ranked fourth among this group of people.
She was a famous lawyer in the United States.
As a woman, she had defeated countless men.
This made many people in the field of law feel fear when they saw her Asian face.

Feng Ze kept his back to them and did not say anything.
He just waited.

They were waiting to catch the person who drove Su Bei into Mexico.

That was the only way to find out where Su Bei was sent to.

The air was silent.

After waiting for a long time, someone came over and said, “We’ve caught them.”

Two strong men in black clothes were thrown at Feng Ze’s feet.
They were the ones who had taken Su Bei away this morning.

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They did not expect that they would be caught so soon.

After completing the mission, they just wanted to go somewhere to hide for a year and a half.

But this time, it was more difficult than they had imagined.
The mission was not difficult.
What was difficult was that all their escape routes were blocked.

Two unusually powerful forces had appeared in the United States.
They blocked all their paths of retreat, forcing them to hide and dodge.
In the end, they still couldn’t avoid these forces.

In the end, Feng Ze had caught them.

Of course, they knew that one of the forces was Feng Ze.
But they did not understand how he managed to make a move so quickly.
He was not supposed to know that Su Bei was in the United States.

As for the other force, they could not figure out who it was.

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As soon as the two men in black saw Feng Ze’s back, they knew that something bad was going to happen..
Panic and fear filled their faces.

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