Baozhen’s lighter and cigarette abruptly fell to the floor.

No one knew better than her how strong Liang Hanwen’s desire to be a ‘dual income, no kids’ couple was when they got together.

They had agreed to spend the rest of their lives together without having to bother themselves with children.
That way, they could also give each other more time and love.
Those sweet words had now turned into a joke.

Even though she knew that her husband had a mistress, she still maintained her pride and arrogance in front of Cai Anying earlier.
However, when she heard this piece of news, she suddenly collapsed.
Her delicate facial features had been unmasked, and she looked like she had aged a decade.

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She was already old when she married Liang Hanwen.
Liang Hanwen was also in his 40s at that time, so he wanted to be a ‘dual income, no kids’ couple.
Although she struggled with the decision for a short while, she still felt that enjoying life was more important.
Hence, she even aborted the child she was pregnant with at that time.

However, the man’s words… were all lies.
She originally thought that he at least loved her and she could still enjoy the perks of being in the Liang family.
Now, it seemed that her husband had planned everything out long ago for his mistress and illegitimate child.

Zhang Baozhen looked at Su Bei and smiled bitterly.
“Su Bei, you’re really good.
Really good.”

Lu Heting reached out to protect Su Bei from Zhang Baozhen.

Seeing that the man in front of her was protecting Su Bei, Zhang Baozhen laughed.
“When every man begins loving you, their feelings are real.
But who knows how long these feelings can last? No one can obtain a man’s love for long-term.
Su Bei, you can’t either!”

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