ter slapping Cai Anying.

She had always been in the middle of scandals.
Although she was not criticized by the outside world, she always had to suffer from a lot of torture and pressure.

Yue Ze took off his jacket and draped it over her.
“Let’s go.”

Su Bei had been home for the past two days, not paying any attention to this matter.

It was because Lu Heting had told her about his thoughts and plans.
He said he would solve everything.

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He would also seek Lu Weijian’s help to investigate the truth and clear her name.

Su Bei believed in his ability and that he would protect her.

Hence, she completely agreed with the solution he proposed.

For now, she only needed to accompany Da Bao and Gun Gun without worry.
She would cook delicious food for them, play the piano with them, and draw with them.
She was enjoying the rare free time she had this weekend.

At this moment, Su Bei received a call from Lin Yu, who was abroad.

“Su Bei, the hospital in America called to ask about your condition.
How are things?”

“Which hospital?” Su Bei asked.

“The one you used to go to.
They said that they haven’t been able to contact you, so they called me.
The doctor informed you to go back for a check-up.”

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Su Bei remembered that she had previously set Lin Yu’s number as her emergency contact at the hospital.

She had changed her number after returning to the country, so the other party could not contact her anymore.

That hospital was the one that diagnosed her with stomach cancer.

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Su Bei’s heart skipped a beat.

Should she go back for another check-up?

“Su Bei, what’s wrong? Don’t keep quiet! Are you sick? Are you feeling unwell?”

Su Bei laughed.
“No, it’s a women’s issue.
I can’t tell you about it.”

“Really? Don’t hide anything from me.”

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