Su Bei and Sun Man.
Recently, their names and photos were on the list of hot topics.
Of course, this woman recognized them at a glance.

“When did you see me take photos? Are you crazy?” Sun Man flew into a rage out of humiliation.
“Su Bei, I don’t have anything to do with you anymore.
Don’t deliberately cause trouble for me.
I’m telling you, if you stop me, I can sue you for illegal detention!”

Su Bei walked over and stood in front of Su Man.
She smiled at the woman.
“Did Sun Man splash wine on your dress?”

I wanted to stop her and she splashed wine on me.”

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Su Bei smiled at Sun Man.
“Then, Miss Sun, regardless of whether you secretly took photos or not, you have to compensate for this lady’s dress before you can leave, right?”

Sun Man did not want to get involved with them, nor did she want to cause any more trouble.
She just wanted to sell the photos as soon as possible to get money.

Recently, she had been short of money.
She was used to being extravagant when she suddenly stopped working.
The money in her bank account was decreasing day by day.
Not only did she want to step on Su Bei but she also needed this money.

“How much? I’ll pay her back,” Sun Man said arrogantly.

The woman looked at Su Bei, and Su Bei exchanged a look with her.
She smiled and said, “Compensate? Then let’s use the simplest method to do it!”

Su Bei took a glass of red wine from the buffet table and poured it all over Sun Man’s clothes.

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The dark red wine was splashed all over Sun Man, instantly staining her dress.

It could be said that this dress was completely ruined and could no longer be worn.

The woman was very happy.
Clearly, she liked Su Bei’s way of handling things!

No wonder every time Su Bei fought, she won!

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